Tigers, Tribe examine price tag on Rox’s Jimenez

SAN DIEGO — The Indians and the Tigers have emerged as the most aggressive teams in talks with the Rockies about their ace pitcher, Ubaldo Jimenez. Of course, the Rockies want to extract a price that thus far several teams have decided not to pay.

For a time this week the Reds were the most prominent rumor, but starting pitchers Homer Bailey and Travis Wood, and either top catching prospect Devin Mesoroco or 100 mph-plus mph lefty Aroldis Chapman was too rich a ransom for a team below .500. The Yankees and Red Sox have made inquiries, and how aggressively you believe depends on which tweet or report you trust most.

The latest report from Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal has the Tigers willing to include righty prospect Jacob Turner, with Major League pitchers Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer being mentioned as possibly heading to the Mountains. The Indians have talked about not being willing to mortgage the future. However, there are at least indications that two prized pitching prospects, lefty pitcher Drew Pomeranz (at Double-A Akron) and righty pitcher Alex White (at Triple-A Columbus, but headed to Akron on a rehab assignment for a right middle finger injury) are in play. The Indians will not deal prized prospects for rental players, but Jimenez would be under club control through 2014.

The Rockies have shown no inclination to come down on their high price of Major League pitching and a top-of-the-line young player or prospect.

Jimenez is set to pitch for the Rockies on Saturday against the Padres.

In other trade-related news, the Rockies have been willing to discuss everyone except shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, outfielder Carlos Gonzalez and first baseman Todd Helton. Right fielder Seth Smith, who has proven to be a solid gap-to-gap hitter against right-handed pitching, is drawing the interest of multiple teams. The Rockies also are expected to see if they can find a taker for onetime top Draft pick Ian Stewart, a third baseman having a woeful offensive year.

— Thomas Harding


Dan O’Dowd can’t consider a trade with the Tigers for anything less than Rick Porcello and Jacob Turner plus a quality bat, which the Tigers are lacking in the minors.

The Indians can offer, if they desire, far more in Drew Pomeranz on the mound, big league pitcher Alex White and rookie Jason Kipnis at 2B.

The Reds obviously haven’t experienced enough pitching pain to want to pay for Ubaldo Jimenez. The Rockies should be asking for prospects Devin Mesoraco or Yasmani Grandal at catcher, pitchers Homer Bailey or Travis Wood and first baseman Yonder Alonso. Anything less than such a package is bad business for the Rockies.

Rockies Prospects and Futures

Im a tribe fan and il be honest we are not making the playoffs.If we do it will be all luck and we are not going to the WS.But i guess if San Fran can win the WS last yr anything can happen!…But my point is i DO NOT want to give up White or Pomeranz.White is a stud and i think Pom wil be as well.Lets keep them and go get em next yr and hopefully we can get a right handed bat in the offseason and get rid of Sizemore to

He will stay where he is because The Rockies are going to have to get a Cy Young pitcher In return and at least 2 prospects

The Rockies are number 5 or 6 in the NL for average game attendance. That is according to the guys on Root Sports. How is that lack luster?

This would be a horrible move. Ubaldo is the face of the Rockies and, I’m sure, an inspiration to his fellow countrymen. So the Rockies build this nice complex in the Dominican Republic, groom and develop excellent talent, and then trade the pitcher that started the All-Star game just last year, a player from the Dominican Republic. No way to run a MLB team. I won’t watch them any more if they trade Ubaldo!

WHY are the rockies thinking about this? They have their ace for the first time EVER and on top of that they have a team friendly contract with Ubaldo. It doesn’t make any sense to me. As a fan from day one I have had nothing but heart ache and anger, mixed with a few moments of glory. If O’dowd makes this trade it will be just another disappointing move that distances the fans from a team in a city that already has a lack luster fan base. Ubaldo has a chance to be a career success in a city that is on the verge of completely embracing the Rockies. I hope it doesn’t happen.

I’m not sure you can call our fan base lack luster. We don’t have the population of a New York, Philly, or LA, but we still keep the stands pretty full most of the time. Lack luster would be Atlanta, competing well in their division yet drawing very few to come watch the games…

I agree… except for the lack luster fan base part. the stadium is near capacity on most days except day games and even then its still pretty strong, compared to most other teams we have a pretty good fan base. and hey, at least we aren’t Florida, you could hear a pin drop in that stadium. but I completely agree that the Rockies should keep Ubaldo. Fans have really embraced him and even if he isnt having the same year as last year, he still has the potential to throw lack 2010 Ubaldo every start. I would only be happy with the trade if we get a LOT in return.

The Rockies can’t lose Ubaldo Jimenez. Yes, he is having a down season but he might bounce back to make this a fair season. He can’t go to another team

As a Tigers fan, I feel we have a very small chance of competing for the world series, and although the though Ubaldo Jimenez coming here is exciting, would have to say no to this trade if it costs Scherzer, Porcello, and Turner. If it is just Porcello or Scherzer & Turner for Ubaldo, it is easier to swallow. But all three, no deal!

Although I agree with you Dustin, I can see the Tigers making this move. I think they would be paying too much for one guy, but then again I have seen far far too many crazy decisions made by Dombrowski over the recent years to not rule this out. We will make the playoffs by winning the division, but it will be a quick exit if we make the playoffs.

No way Tigers trade a starting player for any pitcher. I have no problem trading Turner to get a strong arm. Creating a hole to fill a hole makes no sense. You can’t trade Porcello or Scherzer. Turner,Oliver,or Matinez yes.

O’Dowd should look at his line-up. When Ubaldo started his last game, six of the nine starters were batting .250 or lower. Think about that! The lack of pop won’t win very many games at any level. The lack of productivity with RISP is glaring, no matter how many outs. Helton, Cargo, Smith, and sometimes Tulo are the only bats that seem capable of making things happen in the clutch. When Dexter and Junior get on, they make things happen too with their speed.

If Ubaldo goes, many of us season ticket holders who have began several seasons w/ high expectations only thave our hearts ripped out following t All-Star break, will give up and concentrate fully on the Teblow vs Orton debacle at Dove Valley…
Hmmmm… Are O’Dowd & McDaniels related ???

Hey Bill, pay attention. Lack of pop? The Rockies have a higher team batting average than San Diego….higher than San Francisco…..higher than Arizona Diamondbacks….and higher than the Los Angeles Dodgers. Higher than every team in their division. So why complain about their lack of pop? Starting pitching is the problem.

Tom, You’re being seduced by some of the blowouts where they outscore the opponent by quite a few runs. The Rockies have been woeful in game situations where they could score early in games. Again and again, they come up empty. You won’t win when you can’t produce in the clutch. When they get even a couple runs behind, it seems almost always a huge struggle to come back. Your point about pitching has some merit lately–Chacin, Cook, and Hamel have had some rough starts. I’m still looking for this team to play to its potential! Look at their record in-conference; that will not be pretty!

Judging by how much die-hard Indians fans are condemning this trade on another blog as killing their future, it has the potential to benefit the Rockies as much, or maybe even more, than the Matt Holiday trade.

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