Braves have widened their focus

Now that the Giants have Carlos Beltran and the Phillies have Hunter Pence how will the Braves answer?  While they might not make an acquisition that creates as much attention as Beltran and Pence, it seems quite certain they will add an outfielder before Sunday’s 4 p.m. ET Trade Deadline.

When this week began, it seemed more likely that the Braves would add a right-handed hitting corner outfielder.  Their focus has widened since they  put two centerfielders  — Jordan Schafer and Nate McLouth —  and All-Star catcher Brian McCann on the disabled list this week.

The Braves’ wish list now includes the Rays’ B.J. Upton, the A’s Coco Crisp and the Astros’ Michael Bourn.  Each could play center and bat leadoff.

While the Braves and Astros have briefly discussed Bourn, it doesn’t sound like those talks have progressed past the preliminary stage.  With Crisp, the Braves have some concerns about his ability to stay healthy.

The Braves have continued to show interest in Upton, but it does not seem they are willing to get him in exchange for any of their top four pitching prospects  —  Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado, Arodys Vizcaino and Mike Minor.

Because the Braves have a surplus of young pitching talent in their organization, fans and even some of their players (off the record) have questioned why they are not willing to deal Minor or some of their other pitching prospects.

The Braves showed some late interest in Pence but were never interested in him enough to use any of their pitching prospects to acquire him.    The Astros asked the Braves for two of their top pitching prospects in exchange for the outfielder.

The Braves were much more interested in Beltran than they were in Pence.  But they were not willing to part with their pitching prospects to simply have him in their outfield for two months.    — Mark Bowman


braves are talking to baltimore about adam jones this is true im his cousin. thanks go braves

How would Adam Jones know? I thought they didn’t tell players this kind of stuff

Braves need to do something! I’d like Upton or Jones either one but we have to do something!

i would like to see bourn traded to braves

I would love Adam Jones as a Bravo!!

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I don’t know why the Braves are taking so long, they need to make a move now. Send Minor and McLouth to Rays for Upton, Send KK, D.Hernandez and 2 prospects (low level) to White Sox for Quentin. 2 big bats in the line sure would help out now!

u hush Chip isnt retired….. GIVE SOME RESPECT!

I would rather have Bourne than Jones. But we really need is one solid 3B. Ramirez would be nice. Cubs are way beyond help, and need pitching.

If the Rays need a shortstop and pitcher(s), send them Diory Hernandez (or even Alex Gonzalez), Minor and/or a young reliever for Upton. Pastornicky and Lugo could split time at short, and when/if Chipper or Shafer come back you could put Prado at short if needed. Either way, include Gonzalez in any deal because he’s not hitting – give the “shortstop of the future” a chance to show off what he can do. And the Braves could use the added speed in the lineup.

You guys are crazy. Look at some of these trades you’re proposing. Why would the White Sox, or anyone for that matter, want Kenshin Kawakami and his near 7 million dollar salary? Same goes for Nate and Alex. No one wants to take on those salaries for the low numbers they’ve put up. Get real people. This isn’t a video game here.

Completely agree but teams like the Rays would love a solid defensive short stop like Alex with a lot of power. Yes he has a high salary but it’s worth it. If we can trade Minor, and Vizcaino for a good Outfielder like Bourn or Upton I would love it. I highly doubt we’ll get Adam Jones tho. He’s not even on the trade block. He’s young, under contract, and puttin’ up numbers.

When you make a trade, not a wishful fantasy, assuming you first target a specific player you have to see what the other team wants, and then ask how you can fulfill their need.

after the AJC columnists have reviewed what has worked and what hasn’t since 1996, I trust Frank Wren not to make a 2011 version of the Texeria trade. We always have to look long term and this means:
a) who is going to replace Chipper at 3B
b) who is going to compete with Schafer for the CF next year, after Nate is gone
c) how about better bullpen support for our twin closers.

i hope they just stay put.wait till chipper jones comes back and mcann.would have love to have beltran but price was too high.they should win wild card and get in the playoffs.once there in anything can happen.

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