Tigers, Indians stay active in Jimenez sweepstakes

SAN DIEGO — The willingness of the Tigers and Indians to discuss their most prized pitching prospects makes them the prime contenders to meet the Rockies’ price and pry right-handed pitching ace Ubaldo Jimenez from the Rockies.

According to reports, the Yankees also are making a big push, but those same reports also indicate the Yankees believe the Rockies will lower their asking price. But the Rockies themselves have not indicated to anyone that they will ask for less for Jimenez, their ace and a pitcher with a club-friendly contract. The names that are in play with the American League Central-leading Tigers and the Indians, second in the Central, suggest that they do not have to take less from the Yankees.

The Rockies appear to be asking for one of two members of the Tigers’ current starting rotation, either Rick Porcello or Max Scherzer, top pitching prospect Jacob Turner (called up for a spot-start Saturday against the Angels), and CBSSports.com reported Saturday that the Rockies also have inquired about the No. 2 hitter in the Tigers order, outfielder Brennan Boesch.

The Tigers were known to be looking for rotation help, and they acquired Mariners right-hander Doug Fister on Saturday morning for the back of the rotation. That would give them five starters, but if they put together a package for Jimenez they could theoretically send the Rockies Porcello or Scherzer and still have five.

The Indians emerged as a player during the week, and the Rockies have asked for their top pitching prospects, Drew Pomeranz and Alex White, or at least some combination involving one of the two. The phone lines are still open.

The latest reports seem to indicate the Red Sox are not prime players for Jimenez, although they did make calls to Colorado during the week.

Jimenez pitches against the Padres tonight at PETCO Park.

Jimenez is the talk of the deadline, but the Rockies appear to be more likely to move right-handed setup man Rafael Betancourt, who has shaken off a slump and is pitching well. The Angels, Twins, Rangers and Cardinals are among those who could be looking to the Rockies for relief help, according to the Denver Post. The Rockies have long coveted Twins right-handed pitcher Kevin Slowey.

The Rockies are more likely to move Betancourt than two younger relievers they like who have been mentioned in reports — Matt Lindstrom and Matt Belisle. Indications throughout the last couple of weeks have been that the Rockies definitely do not want to move Linstrom.

— Thomas Harding


In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM will the tribe give both of those guys up! If they do im calling for the Heads of everyone in the office! you dont give away 2 studs of ur future rotation for Jimenez….for Halladay ,Lester or someone like that yes.i hope to god we do not trade for Jimenez if this is the case playoffs or no playoffs!

Ur Stupid Homie!! Ubaldo Better Than Any Body U Have On Ur Roster…Name Sum1 Thats Better N L Kall BullShit!!

justin verlander

After the Fister trade, the Tigers are done. I love to see Ubaldo in Yankee pinstripes, but Cashman is too stupid to realize the present rotation isn’t good enough to win in the playoffs. So Jimenez stays in Colorado where he wants to be.

Jimenez scratched from tonight’s start in San Diego…………off to Cleveland.

Well skeet, I will take ove Ubaldo with his 6-9 record and 4.20 ERA, let’s see Justin Masterson 8-7 with an era of 2.60, no run support, or perhaps Josh Tomlin, 11-5 with a 4.01 era, 4 guys in the bullpen with era’s of 3.07, 3.00, 2.13, and 1.11, and none of them are our All Star closer Perez with an era of 2.95 and 22 of 24 save opportunities. The Tribe doesn’t need to trade for pitching, they need a right handed bat.

I would definately take Lincecum with the Phillies bats cause no one on the gitnas can hit for crap. Halladay is very good too but I believe that Lincecum is is more dominate. He get get a strikeout when it is needed most and is more likely to come through when the game is on the line

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Business as usual! The Rockies front office has always been the team to muck things up for our ball club. Last year they couldnt put anything together when it came to the trades. All they care about is the sales receipts and how many seats their selling for the season. Ubaldo is the star of our pitching lineup the rockies should have built around him, instead we drop a tested athlete for some (passing by) players that wont be around next year to start the season. I hate to say it folks but circus politics doesnt end in washington. Thanks for the memories Ubaldo!

The Rockies have great a great core of talent and should be adding pieces to try to win, next year and in the future. Instead, they are as they always have been, incredibly cheap with their money. They consistently trade all-stars for future talent and then if the future talent becomes all-stars, they’ll ship them off too. It’s amazing they’ve kept Helton all these years. Tulo will probably be kept, But If they ship off Ubaldo for more prospects, Cargo is only a year or two behind because they will get more great prospects for him. Rockies are ripping off their fans and that’s why their season ticket base is still shrinking. Denver loves baseball. It’s too bad Denver’s baseball team doesn’t love Denver, only the almighty dollar.

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