Bucs, Barajas reach one-year deal

An aggressive pursuit of free agent Rod Barajas paid off for the Pirates, who were able to ink the veteran catcher to a one-year deal that includes as club option for 2013.

According to an industry source, Barajas will make $4 million in 2012. His 2013 club option is worth $3.5 million and does not include a buyout. That makes Barajas currently the highest-paid player on the club. Barajas said that salary, playing time, state of the team and location all played a role in his decision to sign with Pittsburgh only a week after the free agent market opened.

“They were aggressive,” said Barajas, who confirmed that he also had firm offers from multiple other teams. “They definitely showed that they wanted me to be a part of the team. For me, to feel like I’m wanted is huge. The way they came after me, that’s what you want to feel when you’re a free agent.”

Though Barajas was signed to be the team’s No. 1 catcher, general manager Neal Huntington would not officially close the door on the possibility of Ryan Doumit or Chris Snyder – both recently had their club options denied – returning. Regardless, the chances have to be slim-to-none for both.

An industry source said, not long before the Barajas signing was announced, that there was already a “very small chance” that Doumit would return. That source added that Doumit has received interest from a number of teams since the free agent market opened last week. Doumit is seeking the opportunity to be a starter again.

Jenifer Langosch

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