Dodgers Contact Doumit

Catcher Ryan Doumit is among the free-agent catchers the Dodgers have contacted this off-season to gauge asking price, but they have not made him an offer, according to a baseball source. The Dodgers are looking for a veteran to replace Rod Barajas, who they paid $3.25 million in 2011 but passed on when he signed a $4 million deal with Pittsburgh for 2012. Doumit became a free agent when the Pirates bought out his option. The only catchers on the Dodgers’ 40-man roster are second-year receiver A.J. Ellis and rookie Tim Federowicz. — Ken Gurnick


Barajas did a good job behind the plate; handled the best young pitcher in baseball and had some decent pop in his bat. The Dodgers should have paid him the small raise and done the pitching staff a big favor.

You are exactly right. Barajas did exactly what was expected of him, with 16 homers in limited action. The pitchers really liked him, he was great in the clubhouse, and he is an LA-area product.

get real, man. Sure the guy hit 16 hrs but he only batted .230 with an OBP of .287. I like the home-town story but for the $4 million he got we can do better.

You know that if we have a good player we can re-sign somehow Colletti will screw it up. Until Colletti is gone this is the kind of garbage that we can expect. Until Colletti and McCourt are out of the Dodgers way we can’t expect anything but stupid trades etc.

This is hot stove? Dodgers made him a 1yr/3mil offer that he turned down.

Russell Martin Sucks what are you talking about chokes when you need him the most.

I saw throw the fat boys out. We have the best base running coach in baseball, give him some more guys to work with. Shame for letting Russell Martin go. Anyways bye bye Rod glad you’re gone wish you could take the other fat boy Uribe with you. No money for fat bums. Can’t get in shape, then Dodgers can’t tender a contract. Sick of it! If you’re crying about that bum, then you don’t know baseball. Listen, AJ learned to finally hit. He hits singles not bombs. I personally feel that LA must get a defensive catcher that can it for average and in the clutch. No need for power here. Keep it fast.

I’m sorry, but Barajas did the job he was paid for and then some. I was disappointed to see him go. Although neither fast nor a great OBP guy, he provided power from the bottom of the order and did one of the best defensive catching jobs in the league. Not to mention how much he helped the pitching staff. He will be missed.

Doumit better fill the bill if the Dodgers agree and sign him. He better provide a lot more than 17 homers. If not this could be a bitter disappointment. I hope this makes sense to let Barajas go.

Why don’t the Dodgers give Catcher Wise a chance. He was rated highly in college and has had 3 years in the Minors, improving every year. He deserves a chance.

Is Jorge Pasada available? I know he’s not happy.

The people the Dodgers NEED to get rid aren’t players. I would like to see them get rid of Ned Coletti and that so called wanna be manager Don Mattingly. Start Fresh. No more Coletti or Mattingly. Bring in some fresh faces. Or old faces. Let O’malley purchase the team back, Hershisher as manager,Lopes his first base coach Ron Cey his hitting coach. Or what about La Russa maybe he’ll want to come west!


Stop bashing on Mattingly. He took a mess of a club, with huge off season and on season distractions, a tremendous DL list and had the Dodgers playing some of the best baseball in the MLB the last 2.5 months. The guy made some rookie mistakes, but give it a rest. I love all these arm chair managers who likely never played the game, spouting off that Mattingly sucks. You prove your ignorance for baseball by making such stupid statements.

Sorry, but your LaRussa dream is just a fantasy born from unknown. If he did come out of short-lived managerial retirement then it would be to return to Oakland. Which is where he was in 1988 which, we all know what happened there. LaRussa has gone on record saying he still holds a grudge against LA for that series and every time he sees the boys in blue it makes his blood boil. Mattingly is doing fine. He just needs to strengthen his spine and bench players for performing poorly regardless of their egos.

Doumit’s inability to stay healthy is a major concern, and has only allowed him to play more than 83 games in a season twice in his 7 years in the Marjor Leagues. It should be to no one’s surprise why the Pirates declined his Club Option that would have triggered a $7.25 million salary next season and $8.25 million in 2013. The 30 year old catcher has been plagued by injuries throughout his career.

Doumit missed more than two months this past season after sustaining a left ankle injury. It was just the latest in a line of injuries for Doumit, who has been on the disabled list at least once each year since 2006.

In 2008 Doumit hit 15 homeruns and 69 RBI’s, both a career high in a 116 games. Because of his injury prone career, Doumit has not been able to come close to matching his capabilities.

Barajas, who confirmed that he had firm offers from multiple teams, said, “The Pirates definitely showed that they wanted me to be a part of their team. For me, to feel like I’m wanted is huge. The way they came after me, that’s what you want to feel when you’re a free agent.” Though the Pirates offseason is far from done, Barajas deal currently makes him the highest paid player in the Pirates organization.

In a time when catching appears to be feeble, losing Barajas to the Pirates will play a major factor in the Dodgers 2012 season. Barajas veteran leadership was well respected in the clubhouse, not only that Barajas was second on the team in homeruns behind Kemp, the pitching staff performed well with Barajas behind the plate. Barajas provided a positive chemistry to the team’s morale. Matt Kemp who had career year established a positive bond with Barajas. Dee Gordon and Barajas appeared to have an influential relationship.

With the Dodgers ending the last two months of the season on a positive note as they did, why would any General Manager risk and disassemble the team’s chemistry? But again no General Manager would, but only Ned Colletti who has demonstrated time after time that he is not competent to perform this position at a Major League level.

The Dodgers Organization number one priority should be to hire a person whom at least displays the knowledgeable skills of baseball to become the President of Baseball Operations. But instead we have a parking lot attendant and a Philanthropist who insist in offering guarantee contracts to players who are notably incapable of staying healthy.

Rod had the ability to hit home runs. He reminded me a lot of what Steve Yeager provided for the Dodgers in the 1970’s. Rod also did a magnificent job with the pitching staff. He will be missed.

I dont hate this actually. Doumit is solid. Cant ask for much more behind the plate. The same can be said about his skills at bat too. Get on base, and let Matty and Andre do the work, ya know? Doumit is a good fit. More so than Hot Rod. (Who I thought did fine last year aswell.)

Why dont the Dodgers look into Ivan Rodriguez? Now there is a guy that is always in great shape and has always been a great defensive cathcer along with solid batting averages every year. He would be great for the younger catchers and pitchers.

Dodgers need to sign Jason Varitek for their catcher.

Why this love affair with a catcher”s batting avg.?What about his defense?Some of you would rather have a .300 avg with 5hrs and 30 ribbies,than a .240 avg. with 10 hrs and 50 ribbies in the same amount of at bats.Defense and rbi”s are more important than a batting avg.,especially with a catcher.

I’ve been talking about this since the middle of September, when the team had already been out of contention and we all started looking to next season. The Dodgers should have matched the $4M that the Pirates gave him (if Pittsburgh is able to afford it and the Dodgers can’t, then they are in WORSE trouble than even I imagined!) because he a good fit for the pitching staff. His OBP shouldn’t even be part of the conversation because his primary job is defense and his work with the staff – the 16 homeruns from him is credible for an end of the batting order guy. He would have been a perfect tutor for both Federowicz and Ellis, both on the field and in the clubhouse. His veteran presence would have given Ellis more time to learn how to handle a MLB pitching staff on an everyday basis and Federowicz more time to work on his craft at Triple-A. If either one was able to make the transition, then Barajas would have become a mentor as one or the other assumed the starting catcher’s position. I say the $4M would have been well-spent and there aren’t too many other options out there – unless, of course, they want to bring back Navarro! ONLY KIDDING – just trying to loosen up the Monday for everyone!

We need a good veteran defensive Catcher who can aid the pitching staff in growing.
We don’t need any experiments back there.
Pudge is a proven defensive player who calls a good game.
Jose n Bengie Molina are also great at catching. Maybe a Pudge with a Molina combo?
I am not too concerned about their hitting. What concerns me is that the pitching numbers will take a dip if we go for someone like Doumit who seems to come with more questions than answers.
Catcher spot should compliment the pitching. Maybe one of the veterans can help Bills develop into the ace we have been waiting for!

Ya need to Shhhhh there doing RIGHT moves signing kemp long term ellis has more PoP then Aaron or Jamey we got sellers. The DODGERS are a good team they just had there struggles in the start the last 3 months season they were one of the best teams in baseball -DODGERS FOR LIFE

Doumit is not the answer and yes Posada is unhappy and available!!

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