Dodgers, Kemp Reach Agreement

The Dodgers and outfielder Matt Kemp have reached a tentative agreement on an eight-year, $160 million contract extension, pending passing of a physical exam, according to a baseball source. The deal could be announced as early as today. — Ken Gurnick

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Thank you, Mr. Selig and Major League Baseball for approving this deal! It was well understood that Dodgers could not dip into the Free Agent Market for a Fielder or a Pujols to accumulate more debt to what the Dodgers already have. But approving Matt Kemp and allowing the Dodgers to sign him for a long term contract was the right thing to do. It was the right thing to do for the Dodgers Organization, and all the Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers who love and support Matt Kemp.

Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw are the heart and Soul of this Organization. It was to the utmost importance that they are signed to long term contracts and remain Dodgers for life. As it was done in the Glory Days, and because it was the DODGER WAY!

Thank you again Mr. Selig and Major League Baseball, now with the new owner coming into place, we are happy to know that we can start moving forward into the right direction of building around the talents of Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw, and becoming the Organization as we all knew it to be, THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS!

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