Hanley might move positions, but not teams

With the Marlins aggressively in pursuit of Jose Reyes — a FoxSports.com report had their initial offer at six years, $90 million — the obvious question is what would happen to Hanley Ramirez if Reyes comes aboard.

The most likely option, obviously, would be to move Reyes to third base, though there has been some speculation that Ramirez wouldn’t be all that receptive to the idea.

“I’m the shortstop,” he told the Miami Herald. “I’ve always been a shortstop.”

Would the Marlins consider moving Ramirez not to another position but another team? That seems doubtful.

“Hanley is a very important part of this thing,” president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest told reporters at the General Managers Meetings on Tuesday. “He is a unique talent. It’s hard to find. What happened last year is last year. He had a slow start and got injured. For us to be successful, he needs to be Hanley.”

–Anthony Castrovince

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