Mozeliak denies Pujols report

Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak denied a report Wednesday afternoon that Albert Pujols is set to announce his return to the Cardinals.

J.C. Corcoran, a St. Louis radio personality, wrote on his personal Twitter account Wednesday:

“Albert to announce on Friday he’s re-signing with the Cardinals.”

ESPN’s Chris Singleton tweeted something similar a few minutes later, though it was unclear whether he was referring to Corcoran’s tweet or going off of other information. Singleton wrote:

“I’m hearing that Albert is going to resign in St. Louis. Stay tuned…”

Either way, though, Mozeliak poured cold water on any notion of a quick resolution to the Pujols talks. Reached by to comment on Corcoran’s claim, Mozeliak had a three-word email response:

“No truth, zero.”

–Matthew Leach


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The reporter has refused to back off his comments, claiming his sources are legit…interesting

Hmmmm maybe not so done. Come on Albert, sign and lets celebrate.

Come on Mozeliak, write the check and move on!

agree write the check already. It would be the dumbest move ever to let him go.

I hope J.C. is right, but not sure if he has his finger on the pulse of the real happenings there. Time will tell.

Would love to see Albert remain with StL Cards but it is what it is. If he feels in his heart God is leading him away then Good Luck. I only hope its for the right reasons and not just money. If he cant live on the amount we offered that is sad. He is a very generous person and well loved in StL. We have lost other great baseball figures and survived. We will if he leaves. Good luck to Mike Matheny and the StL Cardinals whover they may be. We will always back our team and their leaders. That is why most of the great players want to remain Cardinals. Through good times and tough times we are REDBIRD FANS!!!!!

I wish people would educate themselves a bit before writing comments that contain utter nonsense. It was never about the money with Albert. It’s about the length of contract. It’s the Cardinals organization that is all about the money. Rather than give Albert the 10 years he wants (and deserves), they want to negotiate a shorter contract. Oh! Cardinals owners have also instituted dynamic pricing… a slap in the face to real baseball towns. New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs have all vowed to never implement dynamic pricing because they recognize that it’s not good for the fans and any team with a loyal fan base is better off without it. Don’t believe the well-constructed bullcrap the team is selling about how dynamic pricing helps struggling families. Do some research and understand who the real greedy party is in this situation. If the Cardinals fail to sign Albert and continue with dynamic pricing, I will most definitely NOT remain a Cardinal fan, despite three generations of family loyalty that includes a former pitching coach. I wouldn’t support Penn State after raping kids, so why should I support the Cardinals after raping fans?

I’m not exactly sure how dynamic pricing can be construed as “raping fans”… I have personally taken advantage of dynamic pricing to afford to buy tickets for my family of four to actually go see some Cards home games for under $50, and that is about all my family can afford to pay to see a game. Without that, there’s no way we can afford to go to any games. So maybe if you make a statement like this, Mark, you should perhaps back it up with some facts instead of just saying “do some research.” I’ve DONE research and have found that without this program, we couldn’t afford to go to a game. PERIOD. So stop with the grandstanding. Your argument doesn’t hold any water.

Albert deserves 10 years?! Are you insane? I NEVER I mean EVER defend the organizations side, especially with Albert. But wanting 10 years is ridiculous at his age. I’d rather give him more money (which he IS all about, don’t fool yourself) then commit myself to 10 years. 7 with options, sure. But not 10 guaranteed. And I agree about the Dynamic Pricing…Dewitt runs this far too much like a business instead of like a good baseball owner…a hobby business. He has a right to make money, but not at the expense of time honored tradition. Cut into your profit a little to help the team win. And really…please tell me you did not just compare the Penn State scandal to the Cards? That’s shameful. It’s not even comparable.

If they sign him for ten years they can just make him the manager when he can’t play anymore. LOL

albert knows he belongs in st. louis.. he’ll stay with a seven year contract and options…

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