Indians, Sizemore close to deal?

The Indians are in “serious discussions” with free-agent center fielder Grady Sizemore, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. A one-year pact between the familiar parties could come to fruition as soon as this weekend.

It has been reported that at least eight teams have shown interest in Sizemore this offseason, during which he had a $9 million club option declined by Cleveland. Other teams rumored to have interest include the Cubs, Rangers, Giants, Yankees, Phillies, Rockies and Red Sox.

One stumbling block for interested teams is the fact that Sizemore is currently rehabbing from surgery on his right knee and is not currently able to run through a full baseball workout. The Indians, on the other hand, are more familiar with the center fielder and his recent medical history.

If Sizemore does indeed re-sign with the Tribe, that would open the door for outfielder Michael Brantley to remain in left field, with Shin-Soo Choo in right. Brantley can also man center. The Indians might still look to add outfield depth, but the focus for additional power might center around an upgrade at first base.

The Indians have considered acquiring a left fielder and playing Brantley in center. The thin free-agent crop in the outfield might make some of the current options too costly for Cleveland’s liking. Some names floated as possibilities for the Tribe have been Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer and Josh Willingham, among others.

–Jordan Bastian



Dont take this too seriously, Ken doesnt site inside sources or from where he got this information from…… Besides, didnt he report that CC Sabathia was “definitely going to Opt out of his contract”. Hes been basically guessing like most sportswriters lately, when they have nothing to report.

As a diehard Indians fan, I truly hope the Indians re-sign Grady Sizemore. He is a class act that, when healthy, was both the Gold Glove and Silver Bat CF in the AL. Even if its a longshot that his knee will allow him to return to that glory, an 80% Grady in an OF with Brantley and Choo is a really good one. If anyone deserves special consideration from the Indians, it is Grady Sizemore. GET IT DONE.

Makes sense for the Tribe. The market for free agent outfielders is rather thin and the signing of Sizemore is the kind of high risk/high reward that could push them into contention. Remember how hot Grady’s bat was when he came off the DL this past season? If he sucks then you only have another year of injury roulette. If he is good he helps the team for a playoff push or can be traded for minor league depth.

Add Carlos Pena at first base/DH and/or Jason Kubel and the Tribe’s offense should improve rather well. Still cannot believe how little the Tribe got for sending off Sabathia and Lee a few years back…not a single impact player to arise from these deals.

Mike Ganley should be the Tribe’s GM.

Personally, I think that Grady’s glory days are over. He might have been a slugger at one time and his glove still has flashes of life, but we all know that injuries can rip the shine out of stars and cause the talent to dwindle. He’s a work horse, no one is doubting that, but he spends too much time on the DL rehabbing from preventable injuries. I eat, drink and breathe Cleveland baseball and think that maybe it’s time to think about a replacement, but like Castrovince said the pickings are slim this year. A trade is doubtful and the market is weak. If Grady’s all there is, then I won’t throw a fit if we resign him, but I sure as heck will not feel good about it. It’s time to buckle down on the guys we have developing in the minors and explore options for a stronger outfield. We use to say that, “The future’s bright for Grady Sizemore!” but he were are, It is the future and nobody is saying that anymore.

It’s the 900 lb gorilla in the room for the last year that some people don’t see. We are stacked with lefty bats, oponents save their left handed starters to face us, and in some cases actually broke from rotation to start a lefty against us. We don’t need another left handed hitter!!!

i can’t believe someone actually wrote CARLOS PENA at first would improve the Tribe’s offense! Are you kidding me!? Look at his stats and say that with a straight face. And if you do that, go watch Moneyball! If we don’t get a right handed HITTER, we’re not going anywhere again.

Grady gives the Indians the best chance to succeed in 2012. I know the history, but if healthy, he’s better than any other free agents out there. I love the way he plays the game!

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