Cano: Big Papi ‘would be a good idea’

David Ortiz mentioned earlier this offseason that he had a lot of respect for the way the Yankees do business, and Robinson Cano is among those who believe that Big Papi could be a welcome fit in pinstripes.

“It would be a good idea, having another lefty on the team,” Cano told the New York Daily News on Friday, attending Ortiz’s golf tournament in the Dominican Republic. “We all know he’s a great hitter. Last year, a lot of people were saying, ‘He’s done.’ He proved a lot of people wrong. I like people, when they’re down, they prove people wrong. He came back, did a great job.”

Cano might have to convince general manager Brian Cashman, who has said repeatedly that he doesn’t see pursuing a big bat as a need. Pitching has been the Yankees’ main winter focus, as Cashman says that offense is not a need for New York, despite their outages in the playoffs. The DH role figures to be filled by 21-year-old Jesus Montero, who impressed in September duty.

– Bryan Hoch


is not in Puerto Rico is in Dominican Republic… please get it right

I really can’t see him playing anywhere else but the Red Sox. It will be interesting to see where he goes.

i think the yankees should sign big papi..look at the playoff alex,mark.and nick didnt do good hitting..cano was our best hitter if u put cano 3rd n papi 4 then Alex can feel a lil more relax..i dont see jesus 21yrs old kid as a full time DH..edwin jackson would be a good fit behind CC..yankees should not push nova up to number 2 just because he had a good first yr look at phil in 2010 18game winner then here came the dead arm..

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