Reasons the Marlins want Pujols

DALLAS — For a team that continues to talk about the need for starting pitching, the Marlins certainly are spending their time and money on improving their lineup.

Jose Reyes is on the brink of finalizing his six-year deal, and on Monday, the organization pushed hard for Albert Pujols.

Is this the right strategy for a roster that seeks two proven starters?

The simple answer is the pursuit of Pujols means the Marlins are traveling one of many paths that the team has mapped out.

If they are able to pull Pujols away from St. Louis, then they will move into another direction in terms of finding a couple of starters.

If the pursuit of Pujols falls short, look for the Marlins to allocate more dollars toward potential rotation upgrades.

The reason the Marlins are going hard after Pujols is because they feel the need for offense. Signing Reyes provides an impact bat, but the Marlins want more.

In a division that features some of the best starting pitchers in the game, the Marlins are looking for as much offensive punch as they can get. And Pujols is the slugger who would take the lineup to the next level.

The Marlins met early afternoon with Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano, on Monday. And they reportedly will meet again at night. Look for on-going dialogue between both sides throughout the Winter Meetings.

Should Pujols sign with Miami, look for the Marlins to seek starting pitchers through trades. The team is willing to part with its top prospects for quality arms.

Joe Frisaro

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Wow, I really am impressed with how they have done things this offseason. Even if they don’t sign Pujols they sure did make waves this offseason.

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