Angels the mystery team on Pujols?

Angels general manager Jerry DiPoto was expected to meet with the media at 4:30 p.m. CT on Tuesday, but five hours have passed and he still hasn’t come out of his suite. With speculation swirling, Ken Rosenthal of reported the following via Twitter …

“Angels pursuing [Albert] Pujols. Ongoing conversations.”

The Marlins were the team hot after Pujols all day — offering 10 years at what was believed to be more than $200 million — with the Cardinals reportedly upping their original offer in hopes of resigning the slugger. Then, Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweeted that a third team had offered a 10-year contract, with the Cubs being rumored and, later, the possibility of the Angels being thrown out.

Initial calls to Pujols’ representatives were not returned, and an Angels spokesman told there’s “nothing new to report.”

In an earlier tweet, Rosenthal also said the Angels are “already drawing trade interest in [Ervin] Santana in anticpation of [a] possible C.J. Wilson signing.”

— Alden Gonzalez 


LOL, I would be absolutely shocked if the Angels swooped in and signed Pujols…but that’s almost a definite not gonna happen. Even if the Angels were able to find a way to work their budget around spending that kind of money, I doubt that even Arte would shell out that kind of money for one player even if his last name is Pujols. Besides, Trumbo wasn’t too bad at first this past season and Morales is the wild card here, but I don’t see Morales being game ready for the field until maybe the All Star Break (being conservative here)

Any fan would love to see their team sign Pujols, but that doesn’t make sense based on the years being discussed and based on what the Angels have and what they need.

I agree; no doubt Pujols would generate a LOT of buzz…but 9-10 years is a long time to go for someone who is already 32. First base really isn’t a problem area for the Angels so I don’t see why they would even make a move like this (even if only rumors at this point)

Do they need a coach? #tlr might want the job.

If Arte Moreno is successful in signing Pujols the goals are simple:

1. Use Pujols as the centerpiece of the franchise to become the #1 team in the #2 TV Market. Now is the time as the Dodgers with Stow beating and McCourt Divorce are at their lowest point since the move from Brooklyn.
2. With the spotlight on the Angels Arte’s hoping that it will generate the interest necessary to land his own channel similar to the YES Network(Yankees). If accomplished, it would net the franchise tens of millions each year.
3. Arte Moreno is a marketing genius. That’s how he made his millions. He was also the 1st team owner of latin descent from the major sports teams. With these facts Arte will market Albert Pujols worldwide and merchandise him to the maximum.

As an Avid Angel Fan I hope he’s successful !!!

Makes fun to read, but I do not see this happening. To much money and the owner does not want to pay over 140 million or so. Even if they dump a few salaries. AP will be 32 when the season starts. Develope from within.

I can’t believe they would sign Wilson and then trade Santana! What is the point? They might as well keep the money, keep Santana, and then use that money to sign a bat.

I think it’s possible that the Angels put the word out on their budget for this year anticipating this… People say they know the Halo’s budget… but I’ve seen them do this before… Vlad and Bartolo were both signed in the same winter… Bartolo went on to win the Cy Young and Vlad put up monster numbers… I think it’s unlikely but not out of the question… but mainly I think it’s funny that all these random people think they know the Angels budget based on news reports…

BTW – If they do sign Pujols… Its a pretty sure thing Kendrys injury is career ending…

The Santana rumors are that other teams are interesed… not that the Halo’s are trying to trade him… He’s always been talked about in trades… nothing new…

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