Lohse on the block? Possible but hard to figure

If the Cardinals are looking to trade Kyle Lohse, it would be news to the right-hander. And that’s an issue.

According to a Twitter post by a Chicago Tribune reporter, St. Louis is “shopping” the veteran right-hander. The goal, it is claimed, would be to create room so that the Cards could sign St. Louis-area native Mark Buehrle. The Cardinals have five starters under contract for 2012: Lohse, Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, Jaime Garcia and Jake Westbrook.

Reached on Monday night, Lohse indicated that no trade discussions had been brought to his attention. That might not be newsworthy in some circumstances. But in Lohse’s case, the club would need to consult him before dealing him. The four-year deal that Lohse signed following the 2008 season includes blanket no-trade protection.

So while it’s conceivable that the Cards could follow through with that course of action, it would be exceedingly difficult. First they’d need to get Lohse to approve a trade, which is unlikely. Then they’d need to find an agreeable trade partner for Lohse and the $11.875 million he is owed. And even if they pulled all of that off, they would then still not be guaranteed of signing Buehrle, who has drawn quite a bit of interest this winter.

And they’d have to pull of this off while also trying to sign Albert Pujols, address their middle infield and upgrade their bullpen and bench. It’s not impossible. But it certainly wouldn’t be easy.

For what it’s worth, general manager John Mozeliak said Monday evening that starting pitching would not be a priority for the Cardinals this winter, whether or not they signed Pujols. He said that if the club needed to add a pitcher to its rotation, it would likely work from within, moving Lance Lynn or Marc Rzepczynski to starting work and then adding a reliever.

–Matthew Leach


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I am sure they would get offers if he was on the block but I can’t see it.

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