Mets, Buehrle express mutual interest

The Mets are one of five teams on free-agent pitcher Mark Buehrle’s list of finalists, according to an industry source. The Rangers and Marlins are also on the list.

After losing shortstop Jose Reyes to the Marlins, the Mets have $20-25 million to spend on player acquisitions, freeing them up to pursue higher-caliber pitching than they once thought possible.

–Anthony DiComo


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Who cares! Certainly not me. I have been a Diehard Mets Fan since 1962. Not since M. Donald Grant have I witnessed an Ownership Group who so blatantly plans to intentioally deliver such an inferior product to the fans who pay inflated ticket prices for such a deflated team. I hereby announce to the World ” I am fed up, and I am not going to take it anymore!”. I never thought I could change my allegiance to my favorite team for whom I have been so loyal for so many years but I am. So I will throw away or burn all of my Mets parafanalia and buy some good old Yankee Stuff. Screw the Wilpons! If no one goes to their games they will have to sell.

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It hurts so much to be a Mets fan. It’s hard to just walk away from the team I have followed since 1962. As a kid I can remember my great-grandmother, who had gone blind years before, listening to every pitch intently on the radio, as I watched Ralph, Bob and Lindsey. My two uncles, who had played in the lower minor leagues, were insane Mets fans as well. Baseball was so much a part of my childhood and the Mets were my team. That said, I am furious with Fred and Little Jeffie Coupons for destroying this great and storied franchise and piece of New York City history. I don’t know how they can walk the streets of this city without hanging their heads in shame. Maybe it’s that same arrogance that enabled them to wreck a sure thing: the only National League team in the biggest sports city in the country, with a loyal, ingrained fan base with plenty of disposable dough to spend on sports. Can they be bigger losers?

i agree but i hate the yankees as much as the coupons so im switchin to the red sox at lest they got bobby v

Its hard for me to completely disagree with the last two comments. Its also hard for me to take the road the gentleman who is swithcing his allegence to pinstripes as well. Its difficult for me to even read it because I grew up in that man”s house, and he sat me down as a young kid and said to me: “Boy, you wanna live in this house, you WILL root for two baseball teams.. The New Your Mets.. and Whoever is playing th Yankees.. no matter what” He taught me about loyalty to a franchise and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you switch teams. Thats for fans in Kansas City,St. Louis and Minnesotato to do. Undoubtedly, these are tough times for Mets fans and the powers that be test our bounds of loyalty. I cant say I have lived through as much frustration as my Dad as far as heartbreak with this franchise. I had to watch documentaries to find out about M. Donald Grant and the Saturday Night Massacre. Still, I have had my share. I have no loyalty to M.Donald Grant, Fred or Jeff Wilpon, or Sandy Alderson. I have loyalty to the players on the field who want and do wear the blue and orange for the fans of the National League Chapter of New York Baseball. The Metropolitans. so in spite of all the suits in charge of this dark time in Mets history I say.. Lets Go Mets!!

I do not have a comment as eloquent aforementioned Sean and Edward Andrews,BUT since I feel like I almost know these two faggots I feel I must respond..First off: The mets suck and their fans are a bunch of whiney bitches.Its a second rate team.I believe that Mr.Sean Andrews comments are a result of terrible childhood molestation.That can be the only reason he is still cheering on this debacle of a baseball organization.As far as Edward Andrews comments go,myself and the rest of yankee universe would welcome you with open arms to the yankee family..Go towards the light Eddy A.,Go towards the light!

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The wise crack remarks of Rico have promped me to respond. in the aforementioned boyhood conversation my father had with me it was because my now former best friend had inexplicably switched his allegiance to the New York Yankees from the NY Mets. This my friends is NOT a sports fan. He is frontrunner of the highest order. he roots for teams who are winning so he conveniently does not have to go through “lean years” in a teams existence. he was a once proud NY Islanders fan as well. Mashing his Isles flag in the proverbial dirt for everyone to see when they were winning four straight cups and also a miracle run in the 93′ playoffs. now he struggles to name five players on the team and wears silk Boston Bruins pink under panties after last years cup run. When the Jets are in the AFC Championship Game two years in a row, his colors are there for everyone to see and of course this year at the first hint of adversity he conspires a way for the Jets to Draft Andrew Luck.. the word loyalty is not found in Rico’s vocabulary because he lacks the character to face adversity in sports, and has the typical Yankee fan mentality of NEEDING an All-Star at every position.. How fun it must be. Like I always say . being a Yankee fan is like goin to Vegas and rooting for the house .. not much fun.. one retort after Texas ousted yanks in 2010 from Rico: oh well.. we won last year.. cant imagine those words coming from my mouth. to describe Rico is very easy as a sports fan.. the words entitled, spoiled and turncoat. come to mind the most.. any truth to the rumor the Yanks are the mystery team bidding for Albert Puljols so they can have him platoon with Teixeira… and Rico a baby shaker as well.

This article (blurb, whatever you want to call it) is completely irresponsible. Why would Buehrle want to sign with the Mets, who WILL finish in last place this season and next? Buehrle hass other — good — teams interested in him. He’s late in his career and wants a chance to win. The Mets offer no chance of that. Payroll will drop, so why would the Mets splash $15 mil a year on a pitcher who will have no impact on this season and won’t be around by the time the tide changes at Citi Field? Why does Mr. Di Como allow the Mets to be used by an agent hoping to pump up the price tag by saying a New York team is involved?
The Mets may have had $20-25 million to spend, but they have so many holes that they need to spread that money around, ass was evidenced by the signings of Francisco, Rauch and the trade with Torres and Ramirez after Mr. DiComo posted this nonsense.

Trade Wright, for a mid level pitcher, Put Murph at 3rd the owe him at least that after all the crap they put him through. That should free up some more money
for Mr Buehrle.

Are you INSANE? You want to trade Wright to free up money to sign Buehrle??? That is madness. I’m not even a Mets fan and I think this idea is preposterous. Can’t wait to see what a Mets fans says. Then again, they are a beaten-down lot.

Oh, sorry one more thing, SELL THE DAMN TEAM!

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