Padres set to acquire Street from Rockies

On Monday, the Padres official lost closer Heath Bell, as the three-time All-Star completed his deal with the Marlins.

It didn’t take the Padres long to find a replacement.

On Wednesday morning, the Padres were putting the finishing touches on a deal with the Rockies for closer Huston Street.

The deal is believed to be for a player to be named with the Rockies picking up a good chunk of the $7.5 million he’s owed for 2012.

Oddly enough, Bell made $7.5 million last season, though he was due for a raise after the Padres offered him arbitration. Instead, he received a three-year deal (with a fourth year vesting) for $27 million.

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— Corey Brock

1 Comment

I can’t believe the way Rockies trade away players. They have someone that does a great closer job, well like by both players and fans, and someone that inspires the teams – so what do the Rockies management do – they trade him. All that Rockies management want is to have fans blindly lining up to fill the seats at Coors Fields. All they want is the money – they don’t care about the game. If the Rockies management can’t be loyal to its players, I can’t be loyal to the Rockies.

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