Pujols’ message to Cardinals fans

New Angels first baseman Albert Pujols was asked while meeting with reporters on Saturday what he would say to Cardinals fans, who rooted for him in his first 11 years, are heartbroken with his decision to leave town and may have a hard time accepting why a player would decide to play somewhere else.

Here was Pujols’ response: “You know what, it was hard for me, too. It’s been hard for almost a year. Obviously, you don’t want to blame anything because I’m a guy that I don’t look for blame, how my first two months of the season were. But, you know, it was hard, and it was emotional, and obviously you’re going to have some people and friends and family that are agreeing with you, and fans, and you’re going to have other people that don’t like it. And you know what, at the end, you know what, that you can’t control. But what I want the fans to know is, I love them, I respect how they treated my family, I respect the support that they have given me for 11 years, and I thank them for helping me be the man that I am today, because if it wouldn’t be for that city, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Pujols’ 10-year, $254 million deal includes an extra 10 years for after he’s done playing, which will have him serve as a consultant to owner Arte Moreno.

— Alden Gonzalez 


They are fans, they will get over it in a few years.

That’s the problem. Fans will get over it and continue to pay such crazy, escalating ticket prices, parking costs, and stadium food prices to pay for these overpaid players. When will the madness end? These guys don’t deserve the kind of money being thrown around. These TV revenues have really gotten out of hand also. It just reverts back to the common person who has to pay jacked up prices for products so a company can pay advertising on TV. Satellite and cable costs don’t help either. Give me a break. These owners and players smuggly sit there and can’t honestly admit it’s only about the money. They say, “Oh, it’s about the community.” Bullcrap. In my book, Pujhols better win every category there is, CJ Wilson better not lose a single game, and the Angels better win the World Series for the next 10 years. If not, Occupy Anaheim.

Pujols is like almost every other player in pro sports; he goes where the MOST dollars are. That’s why, say what anyone will about Mark McGwire, he didn’t follow the money. He followed Tony LaRussa because he liked playing for Tony. Big Mac, when actually asked why he didn’t go to a team that was offering more money, he actually said this: “If you can’t be happy with eleven million dollars, something is wrong with you.” I don’t know what the Cardinals were offering but it must’ve been over 100 million dollars. Who cares for how many years. If you love the city of St. Louis, and you couldn’t be happy with 100 million dollars, something is wrong with you. Pujols obviously did not love St. Louis.

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I believe Albert Pujols did what’s best for Albert Pujols. I don’t blame him for that at all. St Louis fans, of which I am one, have loved him for years, I for one will still love him. He is more than the baseball player, he is a good man. He does so much for the St Louis area, and he will do a lot for wherever he is. And don’t look for him to leave his foundations behind in St. Louis…he just doesn’t strike me as that kind of man. He is an honorable man. He took what he perceived as the best deal for his family, who he HAS to put before the fans. And I salute him for that. Albert….we hardly knew ye!

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