Madson to Anaheim possible?

That still remains to be seen. But on Wednesday afternoon — after the Red Sox acquired Andrew Bailey from the Athletics in exchange for three young players — it became more possible than ever.

With the Red Sox, a team with money to spend, filling a huge need in the back end of its bullpen by acquiring the young Bailey, the market for Madson has reached a new low. It’s now pretty clear that the 31-year-old right-hander won’t get anything close to what the Phillies reportedly offered him before turning their attention to Jonathan Papelbon (a four-year, $44 million contract).

But just how much of a pay cut he takes is the big question.

It’d have to be a pretty sizeable one for the Angels to be a fit, now that the team has committed more than $330 million to Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson. But it’s interesting to note that Wilson turned down a larger contract from the Marlins in order to sign with the Angels and return to Orange County, Calif. — where Madson was also born.

Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto said during the Winter Meetings that his mission was to “complement [closer] Jordan Walden, not replace Jordan Walden.” In tune with that, he signed veteran right-hander LaTroy Hawkins to potentially help lefty Scott Downs in a setup role. But getting Madson would be a far bigger step towards improving a bullpen that was tied for first in the American League in blown saves last season.

So far, it appears the Rays and Reds are the two main teams that still need a closer. But the Reds and Francisco Cordero reportedly want a reunion, and the Rays don’t have the financial wherewithal to allocate a lot of money to the ninth inning.

Time for Scott Boras to get creative with Madson.

— Alden Gonzalez


Sign Madsen. Send Trumbo, Kendrick and Walden to Tampa for Longoria.

Sorry, but no, that idea of yours is terrible, send a 25+ homer guy in trumbo, a 15+ and .270 to .300 hitter in kendrick, and a possible great closer in Walden for a 20 homer .290 hitter in longoria, sure (he won’t be a 30 homer guy in anaheim, trust me), he is a better fielder than trumbo would be at third, but is he worth those three? No. besides, Tampa isn’t gonna trade their boy, trust me.

I agree. We cant loose Trumbo. It would be nice to have Longoria, but not at the expence that this guy is talking about. Kendrick needs to stay, Walden definatley needs to stay. Walden is a guy that, yeah, blew some saves last year, but he is moldable to the system. The guy has a wicked arm and can be a huge asset for years to come.

Yeah,I totally agree with you.The first poster must be a Tampa fan.

Easily the stupidest thing I’ve read in a while. And I tried reading Twilight.

The trade never included Weaver( at least this is not what heard, could be wrong but I heard), Weaver received a healthy contract right out of college, healthy enough that the Rays would not want it, especially when they knew it would run out soon. It was for Kendrick, Wood, and I believe Kotchman or it was Mathis (before anyone really knew what a absolute bust he was) at the time, the deal was done and Florida back out and said we would have to include Santana and we said bounce. I would of done the trade for the first 3 or 4 I mentioned and I would do the Kendrick, Walden and Trumbo for Longoria. Closers are overrated, we have 3 1st baseman and Kendrick would be the real lost, but in return we would have one of best 3rd baseman in game, and then across the corner the best player in game. Pujols, Longoria, back to back- ooohh weeee

A trade idea so bad it could only be born by someone who doesnt know talent. Trumbo and Walden havent even begun to show how great they are going to become… both have off the charts physical and mental abilities. Kendrick is emerging as one of the best 2nd basemen in the league. Not that Longoria isnt great, but youve set a Miguel Cabrerra price for him. Remember when Florida asked the Angels for Weaver, Kendrick, Aybar, Wood and a variety of other players believed to be Santana, Napoli or Prospects for MCab? I do and for years after I had to read posts by the most ill informed fans bemoaning that the Angels were too chicken to pull the trigger on that deal… Weaver alone would have been a high price to pay for a guy that has shown he cant stay healthy.

you are such a talent expert. after reading your post I was taken back down memory lane … oh, i guess it’s easy to be a talent expert when you talk about things that have already happened. btw; the Longoria/Trumbo trade is a guy’s opinion, just as strong as anything else I’ve read here because it’s only that … not fact, not insight, just opinion.

thats a bad idea, Kendrick has been a near .300 hitter for the Angels the past few years, i say keep kendrick, plus Kendrick is one of the best 2nd basemen in the AL, Walden is still a rookie, he had blown saves in 2011 but people learn from their mistakes so i see Walden only gettin better so i say give Walden another shot at closer and lets see how he does this season, and i wouldn’t lose Trumbo cuz Trumbo is still young and he led Angels in 4 categories, look what Tony Reagin did with Mike Napoli, Napoli led Angels in Home runs in 2010 and he traded him to Texas, well in 2011 if Texas wouldve won World Series, Napoli wouldve been the world series MVP, so we cannot make that same mistake again. i agree with Madsen tho, sign Madsen but make sure its a good deal. but if i were Dipoto i would offer the Rays Callaspo and Conger and another prospect from organization for Longoria. keep Abreu just incase Trout, Bourjos or Hunter or Wells needs a day off, our main outfield defense should be: Trout (LF) Bourjos (CF) and Hunter/Wells (RF)

Obviously the first poster is a Rangers fan, poor guy.

obviously the first poster is not very baseball savvy.

guess we’ve all got to be savvy to post here. sorry, I’ll go to to where you all get your information.

Great move if we can pull it off! The finishing touch to a great bullpen!

If the Angels get him, we are screwed, my life is ruined now, there is nothing to do in arlington, owell time to play my banjo.

Actually, I am a huge Angel Fan. Longoria is clutch. Kendrick is DEFINITELY NOT. Trumbo has no where to play. Walden is a maybe, Longoria is a sure thing. Callaspo and Izzy can play 2nd base. Let the Rays throw a pitcher back with with him.

I think T.F. is the winner. Just an FYI: Howie Kendrick has not been able to show us all he can offensively because he has never had a defined role in the starting lineup. Now that Pujols is the center piece, EVERY Angel hitter goes back to their normal roles they are suited for, including Kendrick, which means this entire offense, around Pujols, is now more likely to produce at the level they are all capable of producing.

Well if you were a good judge of talent at all, you would see there’s a ton more upside with Kendrick, than Izzy or Callaspo. Kendrick is just coming into his own, the other 2, you know what your going to get, just servicable players. You can’t just look at stats, you have to look at upside too, and Kendrick is the only one of the 3 with it.

dude!!!! you obviously proven you do not know shit about baseball, saying Kendrick has not been able to show the offense, Kendrick had 18 home runs in 2011, his years before he could not break 10 home runs, Kendrick is gettin better, gettin rid of Kendrick is a bad idea. Kendrick and Izturis has been our best clutch hitters in 2011

the issue of trumbo not having a place to play is very real, assuming kendrys morales can play, unless he can succeed as a full time third baseman, which nobody really seems to be expecting. I’d put him there full time even if his defense sucks, you could always replace him in the 7th or 8th inning if they have a lead, and he’s the type to work hard and get better. the outfield is already set with full time players, and if they somehow open a position with a trade, it’ll be for trout. morales would be the DH if he can come back normal. kendrick, callaspo, and Izzy are 100% interchangeable, they are all very close in their productivity, so kendrick is an expendable trade chip with pretty decent value. I wouldn’t trade walden, the guy throws 100mph.

WTF, you guys all look like a bunch of snowflakes

You would be willing to trade Kendrick and have Callaspo and Izturis platoon at 2nd? That is the problem we had at 3rd this past season, stupid. Keep Trumbo, Waldon, and Kendrick. Trumbo can play 3rd most likely and Kendrick is better than anyone that can replace him at this point. Plus, think of this, if we trade any of these guys, then we lose great pieces that are essential to our success. I like Longo, but he isn’t leaving TB any time soon. We don’t need anymore OF/DF, just maybe one more good BP arm. Maddson can be that piece and can be a great mentor to Walden, so why Trade him away when all he needs is time, really.

I totally agree with u man, we are oookk. if we can have Madson would be great. GOOO ANGELS.

I agree.Let’stalk it up for Ryan Madson.He completes our pitching staff

If we are really serious about WS and it looks like we are then we need a Bona Fide closer.However,I would not trade Trumbo or Walden.

Maybe Turbo got the chance to play First because there was no better player for the slot at the time. He did better than some thought. Now that we have a somewhat adequate first baseman, the Angles can give Turbo some more time in the minors to become the superstar he could be. I remember when it took years for a guy to make the show. Always exceptions- but Albert and our outfielders are guys who will make such an exception unlikely in this organization. The back room may need to give Turbo some kind of salve to make a longer stay in the minors easier to take. Money, travel expenses for family, etc. Maybe a little creative advertising in the trip-A market. If Turbo can not sell third base to management, I bet he can sell tires and pizza in a small market. What a wonderful problem for the mgr., what a horrible problem for Turbo. Too many excellent fielders, first basemen, DH’s and middle infielders (could Turbo play there anyhow?) to fit Turbo in. If he can learn third base, that would be goodish. I remember folks talking about Figgy being unable to play third, but he grew into it very well. Turbo also may be athletic enough to learn the position. Can’t bet on anything that eats! For or against. If Turbo needs to be our DH, if Morales is not healthy, ok with me. (I know no one is asking, and anyone would be silly to do so!) I just don’t want to let such a talent go somewhere else. And a Home Town boy too. It is just too much good boxoffice.

Who cares, the Angels can’t even win their division.

Go back to whatever site your team of choice runs as you are clearly not an Angels fan… Nobody is expected to win their division during a rebuild year… 2010 was lost to an endless string of injuries, by 2011 they were rebuilding with rookies and almost rookies playing key roles in a bunch of positions including Chatwood in the rotation, Walden, Cassevah and Thompson in the bullpen, Trumbo at 1st and Bourjos in center. Even a bunch of the veterans are still on the front side of their careers with Kendrick, Aybar, Weaver, Haren, Santana, Williams, Callaspo, Izturis, etc. Prior to 2010 the Angels were perenial division winners, and 2012 was clearly the year they were building toward for their return to the baseball elite. Everything played exactly as one would expect. So your talking point recited by haters is simply a lie you want to be true, but has little if any relationship with the truth.

Wow….so Pujols is referred to as a “somewhat adequate first baseman”. Yeah….he’s somewhat adequate and that guy that went to the Miami Heat from Cleveland is somewhat adequate too. And by the way, Trumbo or Turbo or whatever he’s being called by the west coast wing nuts, has already spent six seasons in the minors. Trumbo/Turbo slugged .477 last season and had 60 Xtra base hits. Sure, Trumbo needs to learn to take a walk, but to put him back in the minors would be a real waste of potential. As for Walden, sheesh! give the guy a break! His rookie season and he saved 32 of 42 games. Even Rivera blew nine (9) saves in his first full season as a closer and he was the setup man for Wetteland during the previous season, not a rookie. I hear that New York is a tough crowd but LA doesn’t seem any more realistic to me!

hey!! i am 100% with you on the Walden situation, i think Walden did great for a rookie closer, Walden finished 5th in the AL in saves, that is pretty damn good being his rookie year and for being a closer last minute, 2011 closer was suppose to be Fernando Rodney but Rodney ended up being an EPIC Fail, so they asked Walden to close, usually all the great closers started as set up guys for closers, Walden was never a set up person and for Walden to get 32/42 saves in his Rookie year closing, that is pretty damn good, so whoever says get rid of Walden needs to get a reality check, cuz Walden is only gonna get better

compare kendrick and izturis stats and pretty much any way you look at it, they are equally productive players, have almost same lifetime ABs, howie has slightly more power, slightly higher BA, izzy walks twice as much and strikes out half as much, RBIs and runs almost exactly equal, defensively they are both pretty decent. kendrick is less fragile, which is significant, but izturis seems to me way ahead in almost all other intangibles, clutch hitting, will lay a bunt down when you need it every time, much better baserunner, will work counts, while kendrick is very streaky, prone to mental lapses, terrible working counts and taking walks, and has this pattern where he gets super hot, then gets injured, then comes back in a slump. Kendrick has much better trade value than izturis based upon a general perception of him as a full time starter and izturis as more of a utility player, so that can be cashed in for another part, a good reliever or another catcher, or packaged for a third baseman. callaspo is another piece that is very similar, I’d put him very slightly behind the other two, but so insignificantly that it really doesn’t matter. This roster still needs another move or two to become a little better balanced with different kinds of pieces as opposed to overlapping inter-placeable parts [trumbo/morales/puhols, izturis/kendrick/callaspo, trout/hunter/burjous[.

3 years ago, I’d have thought it crazy to compare Maicer with Kendrick… But now, in the real world, your write-up is pretty close to the way it is.

Good comparison of Kendrick and Izturis, Jackson…

they should spend this money trying to get kuroda on an LA discount. when you go big, buy the insurance. weaver/haren/wilson/kuroda/santana with williams as backup/bullpen would be amazing. dont let boston pick him up. he is only going after a 1 year deal, go for it in the year you have the best chance! sign kuroda, he’s worth it!

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Angels must stop siging the “names” the “use to be” list is growing. Stick with the young blood and develop their talent to become a GREAT Angel player.

Youre confusing this team with the Buzzie Bavasi teams that signed guys who used to be great in their final few years of their careers (Reggie, Carew, Lynn, Rudi, DeCinces, Boone, etc… This team is getting guys still at the top of their game. Wilson has low mileage on his arm having only been a starter for two years and coming off two seasons where his stats were among the elite in the AL, pitching in one of the worst ballparks for pitchers. King Albert is still in his prime… but with Albert his bar is sooooo much higher than most every other ballplayer that even as skills diminish he still figures to be among the greats. Torii Hunters best years have been in an Angels uniform and were it not for injuries from running into walls his when healthy numbers rank right up there with your elite outfielders… and that brings us to Madsen… the reason he was believed to be the best FA closer available is because he is still young… the Angels build around home grown talent and then compliment them with veteran leadership. I understand the root of your point… but this years signings are perfect compliments at or heading into their primes, just as guys like Vlad, Colon and OC were before them.

I would trade Torry Hunter and Trumbo for a good third baseman, and play Trout in right field.

I think Trumbo IS going to our 3B. The man who knows him best (Peter Bourjos) is 95% positive he can do it as is Trumbo himself, now. Lets see what he can do at the hot corner before we start discussing trades of one of our corner stone power bats.

Torii Hunter would not go for it, Torii already said he wants to retire as an Angel regardless if Artie resigns Torii for another contract or not, if Artie doesnt, then Torii said he will retire

Right now, Torry is the Heart and Soul of the team. Give Prince Albert a year or so to take that over. Don’t trade Torry.

A week ago Gonzalez wrote the Angels couldn’t afford Madson, now a new tune. The fact has always been that Boras was never going to get a bidding war he wanted for Madson because there were only two $$$ teams remaining (Boston and Anaheim) and three top closers remaining (Cordero, Bailey via trade and Madson).
Now the runway is clear for Ryan to return home to SoCal.

Anyone consider using Kendrick at third? He has played it in the past. Could Trumbo play 2nd? Could Morales play 2nd? Calaspo can be packaged in a trade, for what I don’t know yet.

If Madson wants in, take him. If not, the ‘pen will be better than last year, as it can’t get worse than it was in ’11. Walden, with a year under his belt, will be an improved commodity. Let’s not be too hasty in trying dump players that are still developing, such as Walden and Trumbo. Evan Longoria will be a free agent at some point. The Halos can go after him then. In the meantime, save a little cash for the July 31 deadline for players who might come available to the team.

Kendrick,trumbo, and Walden need to stay. Kendrick had a career year and is better than maicer and alberto. Trumbo was our best hitter and we’ve seen what happens when we trade them (Napoli) and Walden had to take a spot that he was to set up for and did an outstanding job his first full season. Angels will be great next year, pick up madson our tv deal will pay for it.

i agree, people complain saying Pujols was overpaid, well Artie is not stupid, with signing Pujols, all the Pujols jersies and merchandise will make up for the spending, Artie knows what he is doing

Dear Gents,

we from Europe follow Angels and we are absolutely very satisfied about the team of this year. Even if we are not titled to talk baseball as European we know that you win with the mound and the Hitting and this year we got it all . If God in his majesty will give back Mr.Morales well… independently from who play in 3 or anywhere in defense , we are supposed to get a massive attack . Thanks to the new Catcher ( but as Italians we suffered to see Napoli togo to Texas and made a terrific year there – somebody can tell us for what he has been given out ? ) that last year was our real lack in offense too, we have the team complete. The winning actitude comes at this point from Mr.Sciosca that seems to know is job properly .
Dear Gents we wish you an emotional Baseball Years to all of … us !
bye kz from Madagascar at the moment.

Get rid of Wells, Aberu, Hunter.

With Morales and Pujols doing the heavy lifting on offense, Hunter and Wells should have huge comeback seasons. They are no longer the guys you build around, but can be a huge parts of this teams offense and defense. The Angels are better with them for now than without them.

As for Abreu, he already has no role on this team and with his contract will be near impossible to move… for that matter all three of these guys will be near impossible to move with their contracts. So if youre gonna have to pick up the majority of their contracts anyway, you may as well be the team they are hitting 25- 30 HRs for (Wells and Hunter I mean). Trout can wait a year or two and be ready to tear up the league when he does get here for good. I fully expect both of these guys to be back in the .270 – .280 range with 25 – 30 HRs and 70- 80 RBIs to go with their still outstanding defense.

Back to Abreu, Id LOVE to see him on the Angels coaching staff, but Im sure he will want to get on a team where he can play everyday as he is approaching all sorts of career milestones. That role simply is not there on the Angels unless they get hit with a bunch of key injuries as he isnt even 2 on the depth chart at any position, more like 3 or 4.

i think they should try trumbo at catcher and see what happens, we have one of the greatest defensive catchers to ever play the game as our manager, look what he turned napoli and mathis into, people who know how to call a game, hey may not be getting the ab’s he had last year but he’ll be sharing time with ianetta and maybe conger but some time on the field is better then no time on the field

it;s fun guessing, but we all know that Trumbo is playing third base 4 times a week and dhing all other games giving Morales a rest. Callaspo and Izzy fight for the back up infield job and the loser is traded with maybe Wilson ( we don’t need three catchers anymore ) Abreu ( we pick up most of his contract) and say a nice prospect for a fifth starter like maybe JairJurrjens. just a thought.

Okay first , why in gods name would we trade trumbo who we are just seeing the great in him ? we put trumbo at third , trade callaspo , we DH Morales , let abrue go , Give Pujols a break and DH him a couple times and put morales at first , and everything else is finee , we got our 2 future gold glovers at aybar and Kendrick , and the outfield couldnt be any better , Vernon Wells who is going to hit , 25 to 30 homers , 90 to 100 RBIs , Peter Bourjos and Trout sharing center , And our man hunter in right .
Oh and we really should sign madson our bullpen would be super distructive , it would really help weaver or wilson in tough games .

i agree with getting Madsen, gettin Madsen will counter Texas on gettin Yu Dharvish,Dipoto needs to hurry cuz Nolan Ryan is a big believer in pitching so i know Ryan would love to get Madsen for his bullpen. we cannot let the Texas Retards take the division again and blow another world series, at least when Angels make world series, they dont blow it,lol🙂

First, Congrats to us all on Albert Pujols! With health he will make a BIG difference. Regardless, welcome to Jerry Dipoto, have a feeling we’ll like him a lot. As for payroll, I guess Arte Moreno feels okay with it, since he has spent more on “penny wise/ pound foolish” moves(ie Mathews, Kazmir, Wells, Rodney etc.).I know, Trumbo may go but, personally, I would try him at third(unless someone has a left handed, “money” hitting 3rd baseman). Yes to Madsen but who knows with Boras and, if he’s affordable. Can’t wait for season. Longtime fan.

Here’s a tip. Try Wells at third base. I am guessing he could handle it defensively better than Trumbo. Put Trumbo in Left and lose Abreu. Problems solved defensively Morales will only be able to DH for awhile anyway.
Some thinking outside the box is required here.

i say Send Alberto Callaspo and Hank Conger to the Rays for Evan Longoria if Tampa Bay would accept the deal, but keep Trumbo and Walden, sure Walden had blown saves but it was his damn Rookie year, his first year in the Majors being assigned to the closer role and he was also picked as an ALL Star, that is pretty damn good for a rookie year🙂

If the Angels do trade a 1st baseman then it would be Kendrys Morales. The Rays have expressed interest in Morales but the Angels only need a 3B and I don’t think the Rays would ever trade Longoria. So I think the Angels keep all three and have Morales DH and Trumbo play third. But if Trumbo can’t play third then they have a question mark. I think the first Angel to be traded will be Abreu.

and no, DO NOT GET RID OF Kendrys, Kendrys and Pujols is gonna jump start the offense for us

How about Abreu, Callaspo, and a minor leaguer non 40 man roster for Longoria?…

or how about , we trade , callaspo , abrue and morales for longoria ? i think that would work well for both teams , both teams would be getting a power infielder and some assistance in abrue who would be teaming with jonny damon .

i say Callaspo, Conger and a top prospect for Longoria, and if Rays dont go for that then i would say Callaspo, Conger and Abreu, i know Rays do not wanna go without having a 3rd basemen, i think its a fair trade, Callaspo is better defensively than Longoria like Longoria is better offensively than Callaspo

So, albert pujols and c.j.wilson. it takes a new general manager to make moves like this. I like these aditions to our batting and pitching rotation. playoffs may be almost certain. my question is still with kendry morales and mark trumbo. If there is a trade, would morales be gone or mark trumbo. My best hand for 2012 is trumbo, trout bourgous.need a better third baseman miss figgi. our pitching rotation will be the best in the league. kendrick and hunter stay, thanx bobby but time to go. and dont forget the duo of aybar and ” mighty mouse” izturas. Looking forward to the best season in 8 years!!.

First i want to say Thank you Dipoto for getting the big players this last winter. Im a Huge Angels fan and think the angels are gonna be very strong this season. With that said i think we are good without anymore additions, but i also think by adding longoria we would be nice ultimately set for series. Although i do think right now we need to stop looking at hitters so much and start looking at catchers. Here we are 7 years after losing of what i think our greatest catcher of all time..Bengie Molina. Since we have lost him we haven’t had as strong of defense. I think if we waited till spring training and see what happens, with jason varitek, becoming a free agent, i think that will boost our dream team thought. And as far as everyone talking about getting rid of Kendrick, you guys forgot about all about him after the signing of Pujols, since when does one man carry his whole team for the entire season? Somebody has got to step it up by helping that guy out, and that somebody has always been Kendrick. I think the ones we have to get rid of are Wells and Callaspo, we had a full season with both of them and are still waiting to see what their talents are…

before people start saying get rid of Wells, lets see how Wells does in 2012, cuz look at Wells’ career, he is a flip flopper, he has 1 good year, then a bad year then good then bad then good then bad, 2010 .276 31 home runs, 2011 .222 26 home runs, 2009 .230 23 home runs, 2008 .265 30 home runs

everyone here is talking about trades and not about money and what it truelly comes down too. the angels are less than 1 million dollars away from going over the limit and being taxed on their money so why would we want to trade 3 guys( trumbo, walden, morales) who all make the league minimum for a guy who cost 13 million dollars( longoria) who is better than these guys but not enough too go over the 140 million mark

Dont count on ANY trades from the Angels until the deadline. Based on DiPoto’s track record he CAN do these trades and I think the Angels want to see what evolves from Morales first as the DH while Platooning Trumbo all over the field (including 3B). The most likely trade candidates are Izzy/Callaspo and (and this is a BIG “if”) Abreu. An Abreu trade would require the Angels eat at least 50% of the remaining 9mil on his deal and even then it’s a stretch. Look for a July deal or, more than likely, a waiver deal. Even though I would LOVE to get Longo, I have to relent to the fact that he is just too valuable to the Rays franchise. He goes and so does their playoff hopes and fanbase.

BTW – Morales will make upward of $9mil this year. He’s NOT going anywhere BEFORE the trade deadline. Again, look at Callaspo, Izzy, Abreu going. I would LOVE to dump the three you’re talking about IF the Rays would bite, but they won’t IMO. Essentiall you could do a trade with Izzy/Callaspo (either or both although Izzy is really good off the bench), Trumbo, Abreu (IF Angels eat most of the money) and even Morales. Longo’s bat would MORE than make up for the shortcomings of Morales’ injuries even though his short-term success (Morales’) and numbers are incredible. He just too much a wild card. I still don’t think it happens though.

actually im a big angels fan and i dont dissagree with the trumbo,kendrick,walden trade for langoria,but only if we get a healthy morales andmadson,,just the thought of,pujorls,moralrs,longoria,hunter,and wells,,come on longoria is a young superstar,trumbo is good but no longoria,i would do that trade…

Kendrick is a very good defensive 2nd basemen, and every year hitting around .300, i would not trade Kendrick, and Trumbo is a power hitter that Angels need, and Walden is only going to get better, NEVER EVER EVER EVER get rid of young talent, if they are young, they are going to learn and get better

i difinitely agree with that,but for right now i really feel the angels are trying to win right now,not in the future,and i think longoria is a very good player right now,that has really helped the rays getiing to the playoffs a very mediocre team with not much hitting,i think longoria will be a perfect fit right now with this hes very young and a gold glove 3rd basement..and just because you had a decent year does not mean you will next year,look at aybar who batted 300 all year in 2009,and being slummping off and on..i just feel for next year longoria and madson will help the angels more than walden whos learning on the job and trumbo whos good but not a leader like longoria,(right now)..i could be wrong but that would be a risk worth taking…

just longoria and pujols in the same lineup,really it makes sence,plus kendrick is not a very good defensive players,that lost a few games last year with his turning two in the late innings,,hunter and wells would have a good year especiall with pujols,morales and longoria,batting 3,4,5,,think about it,,lol…

You guys really need to get over the whole “trade for Longoria” thing. Not gonna happen people. He is the 1 guy who isn’t leaving TB any time soon. Time to get realistic. Give your team a little credit and remember that our 3 big power bats can play more than 1 position appiece. Trumbo can play 1B and the corner OF positions, so he may be able to play 3B. Morales is a 4 corner player and Pujols can still play 3B. Versitility pays dividends, people.

The Angels have enoughntalant to go WS,and if we get a bona fide closer we should win 100 games,We should make an honest effort to sjgn Ryan Madson.He would be our insurance policy.

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