Yankees discussing Edwin Jackson

The Yankees are balking at a high asking price for the Cubs’ Matt Garza and have instead turned their attention to free agent right-hander Edwin Jackson, CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman reported Tuesday.

Noting that the Yankees and Jackson “aren’t in any way close to a deal,” Heyman suggests that New York and agent Scott Boras could eventually find middle ground. Boras has been reported to be looking for a four or five year pact for Jackson worth approximately $15 million per season.

That could prove too high for the Yankees, who have been preaching fiscal responsibility this winter and would not get involved with free agents C.J. Wilson or Mark Buehrle, despite their stated need for a starting pitcher to slot behind CC Sabathia in the rotation.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post noted on Tuesday that the Yankees like Jackson, but not enough to give him a big multi-year contract. They’d be more inclined to offer Hiroki Kuroda a one-year contract, but even that is too costly for their budget at the time.

– Bryan Hoch


Jackson’s career stats are 60 wins, 60 losses and a 4.46 ERA. $15 mil for 5 years is ridiculous. $5 million for 3 years is more like it. Good luck to Jackson. Maybe Boras can find a team with more money than sense but even the Yankees are showing restraint.

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The Yankees have a budget!?! Who knew!

There’s a reason Jackson isn’t signed yet, and there’s a reason he’s bounced around so much too, and it’s MORE than Boras being his agent. The guy has a power arm, but he’s really not that good of a starter. Lets face it. When he was traded to the Tigers I got to watch him for a season and realized that he does have the ability to dominate a game and can pitch a lot, but his second half stats prove that he just can’t go the distance. He’s probably better as a middle reliever to eat up a couple of innings when a starter doesn’t go deep. He dies in the second half and his numbers go way up, his control goes down and you can just see the fatigue set in. He’s been like that in all of his seasons. Pair that with Boras’ OUTRAGEOUS asking price and he’ll sit there, jobless, until right before spring training where someone will inevitably pick him up because he’s not bad, he’s just not someone to be in your top 3 in a rotation.

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