Cardinals pick up where they left off Cardinals beat reporter Jen Langosch, who dominated the field in the Blogs Latest Leaders rankings for March that we will be posting in the next day, wrote this in her post on Opening Night in Miami:

  • There was plenty of oohing and ahhing over the unique new park during Tuesday’s workout. Not today. For those in red, this is game No. 1 of 162. That’s it. Asked if there would be a different feel to the night given all the pregame ceremonies and build up in Miami, starter Kyle Lohse might have put it best: “It’s another game. Pitching in the World Series last year, that’s different.”

There was plenty of evidence of that, as Lohse shut down the Marlins and spoiled their opener, carrying a no-hitter into the seventh inning and settling for an impressive 4-1 decision. The defending world champs picked up where they left off, with David Freese driving in the decisive runs on a two-run single [WATCH video] in the first and collecting three hits.

Pretty fantastical opening ceremonies at new Marlins Park, which is getting rave reviews so far, especially if you like bright green. Not so sure about Jose Feliciano’s rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” … at least we think that was the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Really didn’t sound anything like it. There will be many more National Anthems to come in Miami and they’ll go up from there. No doubt our fellow Blogs voice Ozzie Guillen will expect the host’s performance to do the same.

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I disagree. The opening game with Miami and St. Louis was a debaucle and an insult to every American who still believes that believes that baseball is America’s passtime and the grandest game of all.

I am a retired service man with 29 years of service. Millions of us who served have a very high regard for OUR National Anthem and to see it disgraced by Jose Feliciano is simply an insult. I’m tired of the anthem being used as a talent contest. This is Feliciano’s second butchery of the anthem at a baseball game. How would a Brit feel about someone did that to “God Save the Queen” or even Mexicans if we dogged up “Himno Nacional Mexicano”. And then to exploit Mohammed Ali that way is totally tasteless and inexcusable. In his prime an Adonis, the ravages of Parkinson’s disease put center stage are too sad to think about. The entire thing was a sick and tasteless spectacle

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