Dodgers Showcasing Zach Lee for Carlos Lee?

When the Dodgers finally lock in on a hitter to acquire, the most likely prospect they will move in return is former first-round pick Zach Lee, even though they spent $5.25 million to buy him away from an LSU quarterback job. The pitcher other clubs will initially ask for is Nathan Eovaldi, but he’s essentially untouchable. Lee was just promoted to Double-A and his feel for pitching could get him to the Major Leagues quickly, but he hasn’t shown the dominant stuff to put him in a Clayton Kershaw category. The Dodgers don’t have many of the kind of top prospects it will take to land the kind of impact players they need. Among the names on their radar are Billy Butler, Michael Cuddyer, Todd Helton, Chase Headley and starting pitchers Ryan Dempster, Zach Greinke and Matt Garza. Because of their lack of top-shelf prospects, the Dodgers might find their best acquisition to be somebody’s bad contract. As they showed with the signing of Cuban Yasel Puig, they now have the money to overpay.

According to Fox Sports, the Dodgers could use Lee in a trade for Houston’s Carlos Lee, who would take over first base for James Loney. Lee would need to approve a trade to the Dodgers. — Ken Gurnick


Numerous reports have said that Zach Lee is not be shopped. This blog is false. ZACH LEE IS NOT THE MINOR LEAGUER BEING DISCUSSED IN THE CARLOS LEE TRADE.

Everything I have seen has said that Zach Lee would not be involved in a trade for Carlos. Looks like Garrett Gould would be the main prospect coming back, which would be fine with me! Get their #6 prospect, rid yourself of Carlos’ burdensome contract, and allow Brett Wallace to finish off the season at 1st to see what you really have before Singleton is ready to come up.

Either way……the Astros and Dodgers are in a win-win situation. Make the trade.

Zack Levine’s article mentions Garrett Gould, too, who was a last minute scratch from his start tonight in A ball.

How about adding Josh Lindblom with Garrett Gould. We drafted Lindblom back when Purpura was the GM and well you know what happened. Pupura didn’t get him signed and Lindblom went to college for a few years and came back out and was drafted by the Dodgers.

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