Lee mulling whether to accept trade to Dodgers

Astros first baseman Carlos Lee said Saturday he’s mulling whether to accept a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Lee, upon arrival at Wrigley Field for a game against the Cubs, said he was brief by general manager Jeff Luhnow about the situation earlier in the day. Lee has a limited no-trade clause and said he would have to approve a trade to the Dodgers.

“I met with Jeff this  morning and he told me what’s going on and let’s see what happens,” Lee said.

Lee did confirm the Dodgers have made an offer for the 36-year slugger who’s hitting .290 with five homers and 29 RBIs this year.

“L.A. has made an offer,” he said. “I just told Jeff I want to see my options. I just want to wait and see what my options are.”

Lee, who’s in the final year of a six-year, $100-million contract that has about $9 million left this season, said he wasn’t given a deadline from the Astros to make a decision. He’s got deep business ties in Texas and owns and operates a large ranch not far from Houston.

“We’ll see how it plays out,” he said.

When asked if he’d like to finish out the season in Houston or go to a contending club, Lee said that will weigh into his decision

“That’s one of the things I have to think about,” he said. “There ain’t much I can tell you right now.”

Brian McTaggart


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We need some kind of production at first base.

Come on El Caballo you got a playoff run looking very possible, Cali weather, and your contract still good so come to the Dodgers and be a star.

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