Dipoto: Bourjos not being dangled

Pretty much since he took the job over the offseason, Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto has viciously tried to fend off rumors that the club considers center fielder Peter Bourjos — currently without an everyday role — a trade chip.

That took place again on Wednesday, in the midst of a couple of reports — from Jon Heyman and Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com — saying that Bourjos is available for the right deal. Dipoto publicly denied that once again, saying: “At no point have we offered Peter Bourjos for anyone, starter or reliever.”

The Angels are indeed looking for pitching, for the bullpen and rotation, and they’ve been linked to a bevy of player, like Francisco Liriano, Jonathan Broxton and, of course, Zack Greinke and Cole Hamels. But you can probably throw out 50 other names that the Angels have considered, tabled, had talks about and sent advanced scouts to watch. The Angels have been looking to upgrade the bullpen — particularly with another left-hander — for a while now.

As for starting pitching? The health of Dan Haren could go a long way in deciding how aggressive they get in that pursuit — and, perhaps, whether Bourjos is in fact dealt.

Here’s what Dipoto said when asked about how important the next week, with Haren returning and Ervin Santana making a couple of tough starts, is to their starting-pitching pursuit …

“We just want to get [Haren] back 100 percent healthy to compete. And we feel, and I’ve been very forthright with that, that he’s the best addition we can make. We anticipate that that’s the case. And in Ervin’s case, it’s not as simple as just determining where he is in the next two starts. Ervin’s got a history of being a better second-half performer than first. It’s the way it looks from last year. I’m just looking at his track record, what he does. And we’re not two starts away from kicking Ervin Santana out the door. Ervin’s going to be in our rotation. The Ervin component is not going to have any effect on what we do at all.”

The Royals had a scout at Comerica Park on Tuesday, and word is Kansas City is interested in designated hitter Kendrys Morales — despite the presence of Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler.

“We have nothing significant or imminent at this time,” Dipoto said. “Like everybody is, we’re just doing our due diligence.”

Alden Gonzalez


Then get Peter in the lineup!!! Move Mark Trumbo back to third, and LEAVE HIM THERE!!! He can’t learn the position unless he PLAYS the position!! He will make a boatload of mistakes sure, but after what I saw in spring training ( I live in Mesa and was in Tempe for every spring game and workout) Mark can be a fine 3RD baseman! AND GET RID OF WELLS EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO EAT THE CONTRACT!! That was the most idiotic of all of Regins idiotic trades!

Mark didn’t do too well at 3rd and the seasons too important to try it right now. I say: Pujols at 3rd. Morales at 1st. Peter CF. Trout LF. Trumbo/Torii/Wells RF/DH with Trumbo in the lineup everyday. Drop Izturis and Callaspo becomes utility player.

Dan And Erving are free agents next year. Dan has a 15mil option and might be worth keeping around for another year, but Ervings 14mil option is not worth it. No matter what kind of second half he gives us, Erving is just too inconsistent. For his sake as well as the teams, he should move on. Maybe he can find that consistency with another team.

Both of the comments are true. I never really liked Wells, and I think Trout, Bourjos, Hunter is probably the best defending outfield in the league. Bourjos has not batted well, but he is getting much better, in my opinion. As for pitching, I don’t think Ervin is worth keeping, but I doubt he’ll bring a lot by trade. So you get rid of him in the off-season, but then what? Richards is the best pitching prospect, but he hasn’t really impressed either. The Angels pitching, except Weaver, Wilson, Frieri, and Downs is looking very shakey now and probably the next few years too if nothing happens.

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