Davey Johnson talks Trade Deadline

WASHINGTON — Nats manager Davey Johnson offered his opinion Friday on the Trade Deadline and how it relates to his ballclub, which is entering a big four-game weekend series against the second-place Braves. Washington has been rumored to be in the market for a starter, mostly because it’s expected that ace Stephen Strasburg will be shut down by GM Mike Rizzo some time in September.

But Johnson made it pretty clear he doesn’t see the need in acquiring another pitcher, when they have a guy like John Lannan (has started 122 games for the Nats in the last four years, and is with Triple-A Syracuse this year but throwing in Saturday’s doubleheader) to fill in for that short time. And if Washington does make the playoffs, there may not be the need for that additional starter and the Nats would have essentially given up key pieces for that short rental.

“I like what we have here and I don’t see any emergency move needed,” Johnson said. “Then comes the question, why pick up a pitcher? We’ve got other options. We don’t have to ship away a couple talented minor leaguers for somebody. It’s not a wise move for a month or whatever.”

Johnson loves his bullpen and would rather not give up any of those key pieces. The Nats are playing with a shorter bench in order to keep that bullpen, so it may also be unlikely they give up a position player. And the farm system is obviously in good shape. He doesn’t see the sense in tinkering with it.

“Where we’re at as an organization and as a ballclub, we’ve built from the ground up and the talent that we’re high on is getting an opportunity to play and fill the need now,” Johnson said. “You don’t go ahead and make a trade to regress that process. You play it out. I like the way our club is put together and I don’t see any glaring weakness.”

The skipper was asked if he’s ever managed another club that he feels is as complete as this one, heading into the Trade Deadline. He responded “’86,” referring to the World Series champion Mets.

— Joey Nowak

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what happens with strasburg in playoffs?

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