Shields another SP option for Angels

There are indications that the Angels have interest in trading for Rays starting pitcher James Shields. Whether they can actually get a deal done in the 10 days leading up to the non-waiver Trade Deadline remains to be seen — but Shields is an intriguing name for several reasons.

He was born and raised in Southern California (Newhall), is under contract through 2014 (the Angels are very hesitant to trade for any rental players, especially under this new CBA) and would provide an instant upgrade to their staff, which has been among the best in the American League all year but has a 4.98 ERA in July.

The Rays had a high-level scout at Comerica Park earlier this week — while Garrett Richards threw seven scoreless innings against the Tigers on Tuesday — and the Angels reportedly had a scout in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Friday, when Shields gave up three runs in 7 2/3 innings in a no-decision against the Mariners. But that could also be due to the fact that these two clubs play each other next weekend.

Shields, 30, has struggled a bit this year, going 8-6 with a 4.39 ERA and leading the Majors in hits allowed. But he’s a known commodity who’s been very durable, averaging 220 innings while posting a 3.86 ERA from 2007-11, and has long been the subject of trade talks. Shields also has two affordable club options coming up, for $9 million in 2013 and $12 million in 2014. The Angels could free up money to pick up those options by declining those of either Dan Haren ($15.5 million) or Ervin Santana ($13 million).

One potential hiccup in any deal with the Rays: They’re strapped financially and are hesitant to take on any money in a deal.

Prior to Saturday’s game, manager Mike Scioscia announced Richards will get the start on Tuesday, a move that would send Jerome Williams to the bullpen.

Will the Angels have a new starter by then?

— Alden Gonzalez


Would Astros trade Wandy for Angels Santana if Angels picked up the difference? Santana would do better on a low profile team.

I doubt the Astros would have interest in Santana, about the only club i could see rolling the dice with him would be the Padres, because I believe Bud Black could fix him, and has some familiarity with him. But again we would have to eat his salary. And Padres seem more interested in moving Chase Headley. Which could be interesting if what I hear is true that the Shields trade would involve Howie Kendrick. Trade Shields for Kendrick, and then trade Santana and Morales for Headley, moving Callaspo to 2B, and Wells to DH. Hmm…

One thing I like about Shields is that he has great off-speed stuff that te Rangers hitters hate.

So when is Angels management going to admit Santana is not going to help win the division or anything else. Get rid of him. A 4-10 record and a 6.00 does not win you championships or fans. This is not the first year Santana has failed and probably won’t be the last.

Shields had done great in the past and has been a reliable SP for the past 4 years, BUT he has started to show he is in a decline (all those innings pitched already) just as Haren. I say pass, instead go for Garza, the bull dog the Angels need to accompany Weaver and Wilson.

Santana should go to the bulpen for the next month and see if he can get right. Weaver, Wilson, Haren and Richards would work well and if we can add another proven arm we will be in good shape. Huge start for Haren today

santana needs to go to bullpen these guys dont focus enough

How much longer do you think the Angeles can hang in there with Erving Santana?

With this outing by Santana and the return of Haren, Iannetta, and Wells from the DL it would seem to me that the Angeles are going to be forced to make a deal for a solid reliable starting pitcher and art with some of their talent to make it happen – most likely Bourgos in a packed outfield with Wells return and perhaps even Morales to make a deal for a Number One Pitcher. They could then DH Wells (who is virtually untradeable for the next two years with his mammoth contract) rather than sit him and move Santana to the Bullpen to work things out and shore things up there. The result would be a stronger line-up that could compete now with the Tigers, Yankees, and Rangers.

Bourgos and Morales are great young talents, but if they could be traded to get a Hamels or Greinke – or Shields for that matter – and give you a rotation of Weaver, Wilson, Haren, and one of those two, I think you are built to win in the playoffs. A rotation with Williams, Santana, and Richards are NOT going to get the job done – although, of the three, I would rather they let Richards get in there now and work things out as he has the best future potential for them. Having two of those pitchers in the bullpen, however, improves the depth substancially – as does having a starting five that can go 6-7 innings regularly will save the arms in the bullpen and improve their performance.

I can live with a line-up of: Trout; Hunter; Poujols; Trumbo; Wells; Kendrick,Callapso; Aybar; and Iannetta for offense if I know the pitching is solid and gives you a chance to win every game. Santana is not doing that.

I agree that trading Morales makes the most sense. But I would try holding onto Bourjos, he is still cheap and has a lot of potential with his speed and defense. We can probably keep Hunter for much less then he has been making, and is Wells can rebound and succeed at DH we can look to trade him in off-season provided we eat is salary. That would line Hunter to play DH and spot outfield starts next year. Getting a starter is big right now. I dont think Hamels will be available, he seems to like Philadelphia a lot and wants to play there. Grienke is possible but may be too much to get him. Shields for Morales is a straight trade deal that can work well for both clubs, as Morales probably wouldnt be 100% until next year and can help Tampa a lot. Shields would probably be well suited for a change in scenery and pitching in Anaheims dimensions.

P.S. Nobody is going to want to trade for Santana until he gets right again. His stock is down until he can make himself an desirable commodity.

I am done with Santana, they need to send him to the bullpen………I mean, parking lot. Or maybe trade him for a ball boy.

Santana shoud have been traded back in 010 he’s been bad 4 the club he lost it on the road an cant really pitch at home now .He’s lost it!!!!!!

Howie is a future golden glover and silver slugger. To give him up would be stupid. All we need is a steady pitcher that can put up a 3.5 to 4 era. We dont need another ace (though it would be nice).

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