Pirates propose trade for Butler

How would KC fans react to this deal?

If you thought Royals fans were upset about Billy Butler not being in the Home Run Derby, think how they’d react if their All-Star was traded for a Triple-A pitcher.

That’s the deal proposed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, according to John Perrotto of InsidePittsburghSports.com. He cited sources saying that Pirates general manager Neal Huntington offered Indianapolis left-hander Justin Wilson for Butler.

Wilson, who is 7-4 with a 4.25 ERA in 20 International League starts, is not a premier prospect according to Perrotto but his fastball has been clocked at 99 mph and the Bucs are trying to sell the Royals on the idea that the lefty could be their long-term closer.

Butler, of course, is being sought as a first baseman by the National League club. Casey McGehee is the current first sacker.

Dick Kaegel


So you want the Royals to trade their team’s favorite player?
So you want to trade him straight up for a relief pitcher of which the Royals have a surplus?
So you want to trade a AAA relief pitcher straight up for an All-Star fan favorite?
And you want to tell the Royals how this AAA relief pitcher is better than anything they currently have and would be a better closer than anyone the Royals have now?
I’m waiting for the update to this story that says someone prank called Dayton Moore posing as a MLB GM.
That sounds like a terrible offer made by the guy in your fantasy baseball league that everyone hates because he spams you with insanely bad trade offers.

First of all he is not a “Closer” he is not even a relief pitcher, he is a left handed STARTER and has been named player of the week & month several times over last year & this year

Doesn’t matter if he is a starter or not. Take a look at his stats and then look at the impact of Butler for the Royals. The Pirates have confirmed something everyone else already knew: management is a bunch of clowns. I live in Pirate territory. This is embarrassing that the Pirates even proposed this trade!


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