Is Garza Next Dodgers Target?

After the Dodgers missed out on acquiring starting pitcher Ryan Dempster from the Cubs, speculation turned to Dempster’s former Cubs teammate, right-hander Matt Garza, as general manager Ned Colletti’s next target. One report said the Dodgers will trade top pitching prospect Zach Lee to the Cubs for Garza, but a baseball source said that is premature. Lee is reportedly the player the Cubs asked for in the Dempster talks, but the Dodgers didn’t want to move Lee for a two-month rental player (Dempster will be a free agent after this season). Garza remains under club control through arbitration for one more season, so the speculation reasons that the Dodgers are more willing to deal Lee for Garza than they were for Dempster. One problem with that theory is the Dodgers need a run-producing corner infielder at least as badly as a starting pitcher, and it might take Lee to land that hitter. Lee apparently still has significant trade value, even though he has struggled to a 9.45 ERA since being promoted to Double-A last month. The Dodgers farm system is thin in the kind of quality prospects needed to land the premier players on the trade market. — Ken Gurnick


Lee for Garza…a guy with 9.45 ERA in Double A for Garza…uh…don’t think so. Throw in Kemp or Ethier and maybe you’re talkin. (okay..I know, the Dodgers aren’t partig with eaither one but you get my point).

wow dude thats a good trade maybe not now but in the future lee may be a really good pitcher

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