Braves still have shopping for a starting pitcher

Fans are not the only ones excited about who might be involved in trades over the next couple of days.   When Braves general manager Frank Wren got on the team bus before Wednesday afternoon’s game against the Marlins, Chipper Jones greeted him by audibly saying “Josh Johnson” multiple times while coughing.

It seems unlikely that the Marlins would trade Johnson to any National League East club for any thing less than a king’s ransom in return. But contrary to some speculation on Friday, the Braves remain focused on attempting to find a top-flight starting pitcher before Tuesday’s 4 p.m. ET Trade Deadline.

While Braves general manager Frank Wren and his staff spend the next few days evaluating their options, they will explore the possibility of improving their bench and bullpen.  But they have not lost sight of the possibility of acquiring Zack Greinke or possibly landing Ryan Dempster if he does not end up getting his desired trade to the Dodgers.

“Frank and I talk all the time and keep in touch all the time about stuff,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. “You can’t help it this time of year when you watch MLB Network to notice a rumor out there or a Tweet.  But I’m to the point where whoever gets here, gets here.”

The Braves are also among the teams that have shown interest in the Rays’ James Shields and the Padres’ Edinson Volquez.  The asking price for both has been high.  But as the demands could lessen as the Deadline approaches.   –  Mark Bowman


go get ervin santana. he’s fallen out of favor in LA, isn’t as bad as his stats indicate, and would be cheap given his performance. who knows how he would fare in the NL? much better than the AL i bet

Many happy Braves still have shopping for a starting pitcher. Having decision good.

Wait until next year and sign Greinke

Why not go after Wade Davis he’s young, wants to be a starter again has good stuff and would be more than a rental, I’m tired of this teasing we get every year we need to act now!!

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