Astros-Phillies deal hits a roadblock

The Astros proposed trade to send relief pitcher Wilton Lopez to the Phillies appears to have hit a stumbling block.

Lopez, who was in Philadelphia on Wednesday for a physical, remains with the Astros on Thursday. The two teams were working on a deal to send Lopez to Philadelphia in exchange for a pair of Minor League prospects, but the Astros are exploring other options.

Lopez, 29, would have been a nice addition to the Phillies bullpen. He went 6-3 with a 2.17 ERA last season in 64 games with 10 saves. He posted the lowest walks-per-innings ratio among all NL relievers (1.09) last season after setting the franchise record in 2010 by issuing only five walks in 67 innings pitched.

He missed 26 games in the middle of last season with a sprained right elbow.

Brian McTaggart


That’s because Luhnow wants their best minor leauge catcher……….that might
be the reason this is on hold. There’s no secret we need a catcher.

What are you talking about? we have a solid catch in Castro, who actually started hitting in the second half last year. We might need a decent catcher in minors for depth, but it’s not a need.

If the deal was Valle and Cloyd, then I’m glad we’re looking elsewhere. When you consider his last three seasons, the fact that he showed he can close, and the fact that he’s super cheap and controllable still, Wilton Lopez is arguably the most attractive FA reliever available right now. Valle is a mediocre hitter coming off a bad season, and Cloyd is nothing more than filler, no better than Weiland. We need and deserve more for Lopez.

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