Angels nearing a deal for Joe Blanton

UPDATE: Blanton’s deal is expected to be two years for $15 million, according to a source, with’s Jerry Crasnick reporting that it includes a third-year club option.

That all but squashes the Angels’ already-faint hopes to land Greinke, who many expect to command at least an average annual value of $25 million on a six-year deal. The likes of Anibal Sanchez, Kyle Lohse, Ryan Dempster and Shaun Marcum also don’t seem to be options, with the Angels’ payroll expected to be at least $10 to $15 million less than the $159 million they ended last season with.

But that’s still unclear, because the club hasn’t publicly commented on its 2013 payroll projections.


Shortly after agreeing to terms on a two-year contract for lefty reliever Sean Burnett, the Angels were on the verge of signing free-agent starting pitcher Joe Blanton, sources confirmed to

Blanton, 31, went 10-13 with a 4.71 ERA in 31 games (30 starts) for the Phillies and Dodgers last season. From 2005-12, the right-hander went 83-75 with a 4.37 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP.

How does it affect the Angels’ pursuit of Zack Greinke or others, like Anibal Sanchez, Edwin Jackson and Joe Saunders? Still unclear, but a source said Blanton is only “a piece” for the rotation and not necessarily the final piece.

— Alden Gonzalez


This is awful news.

Just another piece in the pitching puzzle. Blanton will make a great 4-5 starter and eat innings. Not a bad whip and with the solid Angles defense could prove to be a dark horse signing.

The Angels might have the strongest deepest pen they have ever had… have you not been paying attention? The Angels have landed two of the elite free agent relievers in Madson and Burnett and added them to an already solid core of Downs, Frieri, Jepsen and Maronde. Even 2002 when that pen got so much praise, it featured guys like Donnelly and Webber who had never done anything prior and never did anything after along with a Sheilds and K Rod.

These is only a back up . If we do not get zach. HOPE WE DO NOT.Way over pay for zach. he has not won no more then 16 games . Angles should get pen depth .

Really do not want to see the Angels break the bank of Zach.

he’s not a very good piece, I don’t understand this deal. Angels are better off giving a minor leager some exposure to the bigs over this Neverhasbeennorwill be….don’t get it at all.

You cant rush pitching, look at Richards, Mosley, and the others that the Angels have tried to rush to the mound. Minors VS Majors batting lineups, dont miss mistakes.

Awful News? I don’t think it’s as bad as people are making it out to be. I do believe that the Angels will sign another quality starter.

As long as this doesn’t damper them signing Greinke or Sanchez, then I think the move makes sense. We don’t have much Major Leaugue ready pitchers in the minors. If one of the starting pitchers goes down, we’re screwed.

Blanton has never fulfilled his potential since the A’s drafted him as part of the moneyball draft of 2002. Why not see the potential of Brad Mills? Wasn’t he the player we traded Mathis away for?

How is this not awful? The guy is below replacement level and we spend $15 mil+ on him? Jerome Williams is better at a fraction of the cost. Nobody, I mean nobody was even reportedly interested in this fatso.

I laughed at the Dodgers when they got him… not laughing any more… talk about dropping to a lower tier signing, this one wasnt even on level 2 maybe not even level 3. Blanton is the kind of scraps that small market teams scoop up before spring on the cheap.

Maybe this means we do get Greinke since the rest of the pitching moves this year resulted in huge savings… Santana, Haren, Takahashi, Hawkins and Isringhausen gone at a collective yearly salary of $32 million for 2013 (cant count takahashi since they released him and still need to pay him) The signings are $3.5 million plus incentive for Madson, $4 million per for two years plus option for Burnett (both great signings). Tommy Hanson $600 K, and Blanton $3.5 million per for 2 years…. So $20 million savings in 2013 on pitching alone… plus savings of $16 million on Hunter/ $3 million on Izturis… Thats almost $40 million shaved from payroll.

I think everyone was expecting the not Greinke signing to still be an elite pitcher in the $10- $15 million per, not a guy who was outpitched by both Santana and Haren in what was their two worst seasons ever.

Correction on the Blanton money…. 2 year $15 million… After 2 excellent bullpen signings, DiPoto had his lunch eaten by Blanton who seemed to have nobody else interested in him. He is a high innings guy who has had a high ERA his whole career, A near .500 pitcher, gives up a lot of HRs, doesnt strike out many… In other words a mediocre career #5 pitcher.

this is a poor signing for the Angels. Blanton stinks, and the only way I see it as a win is if they are planning a big trade and Richards is part of it and Blanton is taking the #% spot

Its not a win when you trade your #1 pitching prospect with Richards ability and sign a mediocre 5 starter in his place. Thats called making a bad move worse

I don’t see this as a bad signing. Blanton has the potential to eat up around 200 innings if he returns to his pre-2010 form. Not expensive and not long term and it fills a rotation spot. I am still hopeful that Richards will make an impact on the rotation this year.

If they wanted a mediocre innings eater, they already had him in Jerome Williams… this is a horrible signing. Hopefully there is still time for it to fall apart.

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