Dodgers Greinke, Ryu Updates

Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said he spoke with the agent for top free-agent target Zack Greinke on Wednesday, but gave no indication a deal was close. Meanwhile, the clock kept ticking in talks for Korean pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin, who must be signed by Sunday or he returns to Korea. The Dodgers’ off-season priority is to add two top-line pitchers to their rotation, so if Greinke is not signed by Sunday, signing Ryu becomes more pressing. The only other starting pitchers the Dodgers are known to have interest in are free agent Anibal Sanchez and Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey, who would require a trade from the Mets. — Ken Gurnick


I would love the dodgers to get both Grenk and Ryu. Having to much pitching is a great thing and you can use the other pitchers as trade bait to get what you need

Greinke doesnt want to play for the Dodgers or he would have signed by now! Ryu has little or no choice or he goes back to Korea for another year and Boras knows that and will wait until the last minute on Sunday. The Dodgers would be better with Ryu and Sanchez or Shields if they can get him. Greinke is a strange guy and seems like he wants to play in Texas so let him go. If he doesnt want to play for the line-up the Dodgers will employ good riddens!

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