Mets still eyeing small fortune for Dickey

With Zack Greinke off the free agent market and James Shields gone from the trading block, teams searching for top-tier starting pitching have one obvious place left to look: New York, where R.A. Dickey remains available.

He won’t come cheaply. Apparently general manager Sandy Alderson was not bluffing when he said last week that he is looking for a “difference-maker” in exchange for Dickey; various local and national reports indicate that Rangers top power prospect Mike Olt, for example, would not be enough in a deal. FOX Sports speculated that the Blue Jays could entice the Mets with a package of catcher J.P. Arencibia and center fielder Anthony Gose, but not with Arencibia alone.

If the Mets do not find a package they like, they can still simply keep Dickey and try to extend him for a reasonable price — the knuckleballer is reportedly seeking no more than two years and $30 million. But the Mets have made it clear they are willing to deal him, and offers may increase now that other top options are off the market.

–Anthony DiComo


Dont trade dickey for gose, gose hit only .223 in 56 games get somebody else with arencibia like bonifacio or casey janssen

Ya can’t have Gose, but how about Arencibia,Moises Sierra, and Rajai Davis. I’m not sure if Ed, Melinda and Nadir want to spend any more money, but the idea of having a starting pitcher with no elbow ligaments, must appeal to A.A.

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