Dickey could be moving north of the border

R.A. Dickey’s storybook three-year run with the Mets may be coming to an end. The Mets are seriously discussing a trade of the reigning Cy Young Award-winner, according to multiple people involved in the negotiations, and could strike a deal as soon as Saturday. The Blue Jays are reportedly frontrunners for his services.

But people involved with the negotiations said Friday evening that nothing was imminent. For at least one more night, the Mets expected Dickey to remain in their employ.

The Jays, who possess surplus catching and outfield depth, have long been considered natural trade partners for the Mets, and now appear to be closing in on his services. Some combination of catchers Travis d’Arnaud or J.P. Arencibia, in addition to outfielder Anthony Gose, could land Dickey.

MLB.com reported late Friday afternoon that the Rangers, long considered serious suitors for Dickey, are no longer in the running. And despite rampant speculation that Josh Hamilton’s arrival in Orange County could prompt the Angels to trade some of their outfield surplus, a deal with the Halos appears no more likely now than it was at the beginning of this week.

–Anthony DiComo


How absolutely horrible. The Mets should not trade Dickey. What a terrible decision. I’m really starting to lose interest in a team I have routed for since I was a kid.

I don’t think you meant to say that. Rout is what all the rest of the teams in baseball do to the Mets.

Oops. Yeah … rooted for, that is. Whatever. Wouldn’t say all the teams have “routed” the Mets, though. And one reason is a certain pitcher named, R.A.

Great trade for both teams. Both teams get what they want. The Mets aren’t winning this year or next, might as well stockpile young talented players. The Jays want to win now. In the long run, a better trade for the Mets.

The trade sucks period. Yes we need a catcher/outfielders/pitching. So in comes a new GM and does NOTHING at the winter meetings to fill these positions. Oh yeah he extended David’s contract (he did not have a choice in that matter). He did not want to repeat the same mistake he did when he let go of Reyes. To make matters worst he let’s Dickey go. DAMN IT MAN THE GUY WON 20 GAMES FOR YOU. SOMETHING NO MET HAS DONE IN A WHILE. ALSO WON THE CY YOUNG AWARD HELLOOOOO. So MR GM trades RA for a has bin catcher, another catcher that is AWESOME IN THE MINORS. Last time I checked the Mets were in the MAJORS. And two other prospects who have yet to prove themselves at the MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL. GREAT JOB MR GM. By the way I have been a fan for over 35 years.

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