Rangers weighing options

The Rangers are weighing two options as the Trade Deadline approaches: starting pitching and a right-handed bat.

The Rangers could use another starting pitcher but aren’t particularly enamored with Florida’s Ricky Nolasco. The interest is described as mild at best. The Rangers are still expecting to get Alexi Ogando off the disabled list after the Al-Star break and he will return to the rotation. The Rangers are also encouraged by the progress being made by Colby Lewis and he could be an option by July 31.

Cliff Lee? The Rangers have been told the Phillies expect any team that wants him to take on his full contract and give up significant prospects in return.

The right-handed bat has been a subject of discussion since the beginning of the season but again the Rangers are hoping Jeff Baker will be back after the All-Star break.

The Rangers biggest concern with their offense is Lance Berkman. His right knee is still an issue and he has not produced offensively the way the Rangers expected. He is the one player who will lose the most playing time to Jurickson Profar. Right now the Rangers are starting to surmise their best lineup includes Profar over Berkman.

The Rangers would be interested in Paul Konerko but are operating under the assumption he is not available. They could be interested in White Sox outfielder Alex Rios. Josh Willingham of the Twins could be another target.

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