Crain, now on DL, still a trade target?

The White Sox lost perhaps their most consistent performer and perhaps their best trade piece on Wednesday when right-handed setup man Jesse Crain was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a right shoulder strain. Crain says he didn’t feel right while warming up before yesterday’s game, and he knew when he got warm in the bullpen in the seventh inning that something was amiss.

“When I was playing catch before the game, I didn’t feel all that great,” Crain said. “I was hoping that if I was to get up and get ready for the game I would feel better. When I was doing that, I didn’t feel great. I threw some breaking balls and got a little worse. That’s when I knew I couldn’t do it. That’s pretty much how it happened, that easy, that quick.”

Crain has been practically unhittable this year — 0.74 ERA, three earned runs in 36 2/3 innings, a scoreless appearances streak of 29 games — and would figure to be a top trade target among teams looking for bullpen help. Now he’ll be out until after the All-Star Break, but expects to recover since he had this exact same issue at the exact same time last season.

The White Sox, as a whole, have struggled plenty this year. There haven’t been any real signs of them dealing pieces, but they’re aware of the circumstances.

“That’s part of it,” veteran Adam Dunn said. “You can’t sit here and worry about it. It’s not something you can avoid. It’s part of the game and we’re not idiots. We know what’s going on. But again, you can’t worry about it. You’ve gotta do what you do on the field and let that stuff take care of itself.”

— Joey Nowak

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