Rays Not Expected to Do Much

In past years, the Rays have been one of the more intriguing teams heading toward the trade deadline. Were they going to be buyers or sellers?

Andrew Friedman, the Rays executive vice-president of baseball operations, recently allowed that he will have discussions with other teams. But this is one year when it would be totally surprising to see a deal come to fruition.

For the first time in forever, the Rays have an offense that can score a lot of runs via their “swarming” style.  And with the addition of Wil Myers, who became the team’s every-day right fielder, the Rays are as close to an every-day lineup as they have been any time in their history. That leaves plenty of capable players sitting on the bench looking for playing time.

Meanwhile, the starting pitching seems to be coming around, with David Price leading the charge. Normally Price would be in the rumor mix, but based on the fact that he’s just coming off the disabled list coupled with the Rays being in contention, the Rays aren’t likely to have any serious discussions about his availability at this juncture.

In deference to recent seasons, the rumors don’t even involve the Rays this season.  So unless an unforeseen injury or circumstance takes place before the deadline, don’t expect the Rays to be active.

–Bill Chastain

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