Ramirez won’t rush return to Brewers

Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez wants to get his latest return from the disabled list right. If that means waiting beyond Monday, the first day he’s eligible to return from a left knee injury, then he will wait. 

Ramirez’s caution makes sense for his current team on two fronts. One, the Brewers would benefit from having him healthy and productive in the lineup, with three-hole hitter Ryan Braun still dealing with discomfort in his right hand and five-hole hitter Corey Hart out for the season. Two, the team could shop Ramirez much more proactively on the trade market if he is producing at his customarily consistent level. 

“I really have to make sure that I’m healthy enough to play when I come back,” said Ramirez, who spent the All-Star break at home in the Dominican Republic. “I won’t try to be a hero. I won’t go out there if I’m not healthy enough, because I won’t help the team, I won’t help myself by doing that. If I feel like I won’t be ready [on Monday], I won’t be back.”

Ramirez, whose three-year contract runs through 2014, says he does not concern himself with trade rumors. 

“I’ve been around for a while, and I will be good trying to block out the things that I cannot control,” he said. “That’s one of those things I cannot control. The only thing I can control is my play on the field. Nothing would surprise me. I’m ready for anything.” 

One national baseball writer surmised Friday that the Yankees and Red Sox would each send a scout to file reports on Ramirez after he returns from the DL. If both clubs prove interested in the 35-year-old right-handed slugger, it could turn into a situation similar to last July, when Brewers GM Doug Melvin pitted the division-rival Angels and Rangers against each other for right-hander Zack Greinke. 

Greinke was performing at a much higher level at the time than Ramirez has in 2013. Dogged all season by a knee he first sprained during Spring Training, he has been limited to five home runs, 11 doubles, 26 RBIs and 54 games. 

— Adam McCalvy


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