Wedge doesn’t expect Mariners to be dealing

With his team riding a five-game winning streak going into Sunday’s series finale with the Astros and a young nucleus of players beginning to produce offensively, Mariners manager Eric Wedge said he’s not anticipating or pushing for any deals before the July 31 trade deadline.

The Mariners are 45-52 and have several veterans on one-year deals who could be valued on the market, including lefty reliever Oliver Perez, outfielder Raul Ibanez, first baseman Kendrys Morales, shortstop Brendan Ryan and lefty starter Joe Saunders, but general manager Jack Zduriencik has said he’s not aggressively seeking trades and Wedge is in agreement.

“Jack and I have already talked about this,” Wedge said. “Unless it’s something that raises the bar, I don’t think we’re going to do anything. We’re not going to move somebody just to move somebody.

“Unless it’s something we feel like, again, it raises the bar – which depending on the team and their situation, it can happen; you don’t ever count on that happening. If not, we stand pat. We’ve got a good group of guys out there. It’s fun to watch them come to the ballpark every day right now.”

-Greg Johns

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jack Z if you guys are going to trade anyone plz don’t trade off your best players for PROSPECTS as a life long fan ive watch over and over again all these good player be traded off for some young kids that may or may not be benifical for the future…. start trading some prospects to pick up everyday BIG league players that will help produce the W’s we have more then enough TALENTED prospects we can afford to trade some to make our team better and stronger love the hot streak these rookies are on🙂 and Ibanez what a year !! hope he retires in seattle and gets to the hall of fame🙂 get those guys some help with more heavey bats

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