Braves now in pursuit of a front-line starting pitcher

Since losing Tim Hudson to a season-ending ankle injury on Wednesday night, the Braves have widened their focus on the trade market.  While enhancing the bullpen’s depth, preferably with a left-handed reliever, still appears to be the priority, the club is now looking at the possibility of acquiring a front-line starting pitcher to fill Hudson’s void.

Braves general manager Frank Wren and his scouts will spend the next few days evaluating the small group of available starting pitchers who could legitimately upgrade the rotation.  Instead of pursuing a middle-of the-rotation piece like Bud Norris, the club’s interest in this department is focused on the likes of Jake Peavy and Ervin Santana.

The Braves had a scout present to watch Peavy throw 118 pitches and complete seven innings against the Tigers on Thursday.  This outing seemed to diminish any fears about the lingering effects of the fractured right rib that sidelined the White Sox right-hander from June 5-July 20.

Peavy is owed $4.8 million for the remainder of this year.  The 32-year-old Alabama native’s contract also includes a $14.5 million salary for 2014 and a $15 million vesting player option for 2015.  All indications are that the Braves are financially in position to make this deal.

While trading Santana would diminish the odds of the Royals achieving their goal of recording a winning season, the club understands the future benefits that could be realized by trading the 30-year-old right-hander, who will be a free agent at the end of the season.

While the Braves do not seem to have any interest in Yovani Gallardo, they might ask the Brewers about Kyle Lohse, who has compiled a 2.49 ERA in the 11 starts he has made since the end of May.

–  Mark Bowman


white sox going to make out like bandits this year

Please Wren! Do not make any “rent-a-player” deals! If you go after a front-line starting pitcher, get someone that we can keep atleast till the end of next season if not longer.

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Peavy is not the answer neither is Santana. I wouldn’t be upset if Wren stood pat. Peavy is injury prone and Santana is in a walk year. Lohse is 35 and will not keep this up. If we empty the farm for anyone we should go for Chris Sale. He will be a Free Agent by the time the White Sox are ready to compete.

Make the peavy deal they’ll take gilmartin and dude isn’t going to be that good

Gilmartin is a lefthander with huge upside. Peavy is oft injured and expensive.

i think we need to go after a consistent base hitter in centerfield cause bj is really not lookin like he is going to snap out of it


Get that solid starter, don’t talk about it. This would strengthen the Braves by bringing in an experienced arm who would have plenty of time to adapt to the
team. In addition, as the injury bug has hit the Braves with a vengeance, that
solid starter would help be a good insurance policy in case the worst should
happen. I’m an optimist by nature; however, baseball is not sweet wine and Rose
Mary most of the time; it’s a game of hard knocks and minor injuries that can
become major in a hurry. In addition, a solid starter who is not the predictable
arm the opposition is used to, can add that key element of success in the play-
offs, where every advantage can be used like artillery in warfare. Pull the trigger
and make the trade while the Braves are on a roll, and you provide the team
with both a strong arm and a psychological edge as the playoffs near. The fans
appreciate it when ownership demonstrates through its actions, the willingness
to go the extra mile to seal the deal. The teams that have already signed some
of the best starters available, aren’t biding their time; they’re solidifying their
pitching staffs at the right time for the long run. Go Braves and please…don’t
forget to play small ball as you ready the team for the stretch run. John Kinsey

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