Howie Kendrick staying put? …

With one hour and 25 minutes left before the 1 p.m. PT non-waiver Trade Deadline, it looked like Howie Kendrick will not be switching teams.

Ken Rosenthal of first reported that the Angels are “likely to keep Kendrick” because they can’t find the right match for a starting pitcher, and a source familiar with the team’s thinking echoed that sentiment to, saying it “appears” the veteran second baseman will stay put for the time being.

Kendrick’s agent, Larry Reynolds, said at 11:44 a.m. PT that he has not heard a word from the Angels about a potential trade or waiving his no-trade clause (Kendrick’s deal allows him to block a trade to 12 teams in 2013).

But (and this is worth repeating often) things change very quickly this time of year, and the Angels are definitely interested in using Kendrick as a chip to attain cost-controlled starting pitching. The Dodgers, Royals and Blue Jays were linked to Kendrick by ESPN’s Jim Bowden on Wednesday.

If not now, they’ll likely try again in the offseason.

— Alden Gonzalez


Sounds like a great plan, lets trade our 3rd best player and a fan favorite for more terrible pitching. We need to trade our GM and Joe Blanton to the Padres for our former and future pitching coach Bud Black and a 6 pack of Stone Beer. Then bring in someone with a brain and no wallet to run the general managers office. Only then will the Angels once again become a cohesive team that wins games the right way.

Hey Jeff, I totally agree. What is with Depoto. He needs to be deported.
I say keep Aybar and Kendrick in the middle, Trout in Center, and trade Borges and Conger for a decent catcher who can hit and handle the staff. Then send Blanton to double A ball, Put Richards in the starting rotation, and make Gubie the pitching coach. AND for the Big move, Jose Mota as the new manager.

Jose Mota? He is BARELY hanging on to his job as an announcer.

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