Report: Tigers, Rangers agree on Fielder-Kinsler swap (updated)

The Tigers and Rangers have agreed to a blockbuster deal that would send first baseman Prince Fielder to Texas and second baseman Ian Kinsler to Detroit, according to Jon Heyman of It was uncertain if other players would be involved.

The deal would make some sense for both clubs. The Rangers have depth in their middle infield, with top prospect Jurickson Profar ready to join shortstop Elvis Andrus. Trading Fielder would allow the Tigers to move Miguel Cabrera to first base and replace free agent Omar Infante at second.

Both players are signed to long-term contracts already. Kinsler will make $57 million over the next four years, with a $12 million team option or $5 million buyout in 2018. Fielder is set to make $24 million for each of the next seven seasons.

— Andrew Simon


Works for both as long as Texas doesn’t have its financial hands tied….we’ll see.

God damn you Detroit

Excellent trade

Sorry to see Prince go.. But had to be done. Great move DD!!

GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detroit will now be serious World Series contenders…thank you Texa

Great move by Detroit. I’m not a Prince hater, but you have to admit, he definitely didn’t play like a $200million player. This allows the Tigers to resign Scherzer and eventually Cabrera or go for a LF and some bullpen help. Kinsler is big money, but not as long an investment and not nearly as much money. Definitely excited for the 2014 season.

Hoping they did it for both max and miggy!

Yeah!! Goodbye and good riddance to Prince. Miggy back to first, Kinsler solves 2B, Castellanos to 3B. Money freed up to pay Miggy and hopefully Max. It’s a good day to be a Tiger fan!!

classic dumbrowski trade rape love it!

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ohh god Nowadays players bounce around instead of staying in one team ! way to go detroit !

Who’s on third then? We don’t need another platoon and castalonas didn’t impress me in spring training or when I saw him play in Columbus this summer

No Whale for my team..Kinsler YES!…donWsox

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