Will He Stay or Will He Go?

David Price starts for the Rays tonight and the crowd behind homeplate at Yankee Stadium will be enhanced by the presence of opposing scouts.  The Rays lefty is this year’s trade prize. The question is: Will he stay or will he go?

The Rays no longer have the worst record in baseball, they are playing better, and they are just 9 1/2 out — which doesn’t look like a train wreck given the way they’ve played. There doesn’t seem to be a world beater in the AL East, so can they climb out of the cellar and make a run to the playoffs? It’s not likely they can do so without Price, who is pitching at a high level, particularly over his last two starts.

On the flip side, would not trading Price be detrimental to the Rays’ future based on the unknown prospects that might be harvested from such a deal. No. 1 starters are hard to come by, so parting with prospects — and remember, prospects are not Major-League players — could be a killer deal for most any team hoping to make the playoffs.

Tough call for Andrew Friedman, the Rays executive vice president of baseball operations.

Monday Price told reporters he thought he would be with the Rays once the trade deadline passes. The more the Rays win, the better the chances are he will remain a Ray.

Should be interesting to follow over the coming weeks.

–Bill Chastain

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