Giants GM Sabean: No trade untouchables

OAKLAND — Giants general manager Brian Sabean is willing to consider all options — repeat, ALL options — when it comes to discussing deals as the Trade Deadline approachess. “We’ve told everybody that everybody we have is in play,” Sabean told the San Jose Mercury News. “There are no untouchables in our organization.”

However, Sabean doesn’t have a priority list. The Giants have so many possible needs — a reliever or two, second base, bench reinforcements, even another reliable starting pitcher to bolster the rotation — that he needs time to sift through the rubble of the team’s colossal slump to determine who to pursue first. It would help if the Giants could get a better read on the health of center fielder Angel Pagan and second baseman Marco Scutaro, who are striving to recover from their respective back injuries.

“They’re going to have to get well on their own first and play better first to give us a sense of what we really need and are able to try to do,” Sabean said. “… “Just a lot of areas where you need shoring up and obviously we’re not able to do that totally in the trade market.”

— Chris Haft



Giants need a lead off guy and a real closer. They need to send CAIN to the
psychiatrist. He’s infected the whole locker room. He was the lynch-pin, but no more. He may be Sabien’s next Zito! Blanco will never do it, they should trade him.
Arias is very inconsistent release him. HUDSON & LINCECUM have shown their metal. Bumgartner is relatively young and should be fine when the CAIN situation is
disinfectected. Send Pizarro back to Fresno, he’s never going to be ready. The 2nd
base situation has to be fixed. Pay money for a Bobby Thompson type to take control. That’s about it. Go Gigante’s.

Ben Zobrist should be our guy. Plays various infield and outfield positions, is a switch hitter, 33 years old veteran, good stats, and I believe a good club house
presence. I’m a 73 year old Giants fan that goes back to the Dark/Stanky and
Mone Irvin days.

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