Peavy is not on the Braves’ radar

When the Braves signed Ervin Santana to a one-year, $14.1 million contract in March, they went over budget and essentially erased any financial flexibility that they might need leading up to this year’s Trade Deadline.  Still they will attempt to be creative in attempt to add depth to their bullpen and possibly bench by the end of this month.

While the Braves have not ruled out the possibility of adding a starting pitcher, the club certainly does not view this as a priority.  So contrary to a Boston Globe report, the Braves are not among the teams the Red Sox are actively talking to about a potential deal involving Jake Peavy.

If the Braves are going to take on money, they will need to remove some from their current payroll.  They obviously would like to move Dan Uggla and a portion of the $18-19 million he is owed through the end of 2015 season.   But as the past nine months have proven, the likelihood of this occurring is slim.

But this is not the first time general manager Frank Wren has been in this financially-restrictive position.  When he needed a leadoff hitter in 2011, he provided the Astros at least one extra prospect in order to prevent having to assume any of the remaining salary Michael Bourn was owed that year.

– Mark Bowman





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