Is there a trade market for David Freese? …

The General Managers’ Meetings, currently taking place in Phoenix, are usually considered an appetizer to the grander, more-eventful Winter Meetings of early December. But for Angels GM Jerry Dipoto, these next three days could be crucial in one respect: Gauging the trade market for third baseman David Freese.

The Angels will shop Freese, along with second baseman Howie Kendrick, in hopes of freeing up money and/or attaining some pitching. They also have until Dec. 2 to decide whether to tender Freese a contract for 2015. He’s due to make more than $6 million in his final year before free agency, so there’s a good chance the Angels could non-tender him — and perhaps try to resign him for a lower average annual value — if they don’t think the trade market for Freese is favorable.

The 31-year-old struggles against right-handed pitching and was replaced for defense late in games in his first year with the Angels, but he still posted a .260/.321/.383 slash line and a 103 OPS-plus at a position many teams struggle to get production from. He could have some suitors.

Alden Gonzalez

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I’m really tired of hearing how bad Freese was at third– he wasn’t. He doesn’t have the range of a Beltre, but he was solid all year with very few errors. He came on strong at the plate the last two months of the season, and overall was a very good player– certainly better than most. Freese missed a month of the season with injuries, or his number would be even closer to Pablo Sandoval’s.

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