Mariners interested in J. Upton?

The Mariners are focused on adding a bat to their lineup to help protect Robinson Cano, and Justin Upton could be a possibility, writes CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman.

While Victor Martinez and Hanley Ramirez are Seattle’s top two targets, Upton is an intriguing possibility.

Upton has been said to be available in a a trade, as well as fellow Braves outfielder Jason Heyward — both of whom will be free agents following the 2015 season.

Upton, according to Heyman’ sources, has dropped the Mariners from his no-trade list.

A power bat the caliber of Upton’s would fit perfectly in the Mariners’ outfield, which consisted of — from left to right — Dustin Ackley, Austin Jackson and Michael Saunders last season.

— Cash Kruth


The Mariners would do very well to leave those 3 players alone. They have a great core of their own young talent who should get some playing time. Just as Cano’s home run production was cut in half last year – V Mart and Upton would see their numbers dwindle in Seattle’s ballpark. Hanley wouldn’t be as badly affected in that he does not rely on power – but he batted .283 last year and hasn’t hit 30 home runs or stolen 30 bases in 7 years. He’s going to be looking for a 6+ year contract and I don’t see how you can look at his numbers last year and offer him a huge contract.

Not at that familiar w/J Upton, although quite a different player than his brother BJ. But to make blanket statements about future performance is hard to make sense of. Sure, Robbie’s HR #’s dropped. Probly for various reasons: not getting any pitches to hit along with Safeco having a way deeper RF than Yankee Stadium certainly affected his numbers. V-Mart, having Comerica Park in Detroit a a home field, his is accustomed to cavernous ballparks and Safeco wouldn’t be that big of a change for him, so would likely not have the fall off. Plus, this guy is an awesome batsman that has been protecting Miggy for seasons while putting up big numbers. Ramirez is harder to figure in that he would need to change positions (likely to RF). If he was willing to do that, he may be ok on the longer term, but for the money, I agree that the M’s have prospects they would be better served to use instead of signing a long term ?. That said, a shorter term, 1or 2 yr deal for a power hitting RF would be more in line with the M’s future, giving the younger players more time to develop. As long as a player can benefit from more time in the minors, keeping them there works best at this point IMO. The M’s are winning, so doing what they can to contend while developing future position players that will be MLB ready seems likely.

Vmart is the best option of the four, id be curious to know what the braves want in return, and i would also assume that Cano would presumably find ways to inspire newcomers as well as he did with the current roster so if Upton or Heyward landed in the northwest i dont see how they wouldnt play better with Cano leading the way. IF, the price fits.

Upton already declined a trade to the M’s once, not sure if you want to bring in someone who clearly does not want to be a part of your organization. I wonder if Ramirez could play some 1st base, seems an easier switch than moving to the OF. If possible, you could limit him to SS to 2/3 times a week, 1st base and DH. Morrison has never shown the durability to play a full season. VMart is a stud, but he’s had injuries in the past and at 36 will likely break down more in the future.

upton rejected a trade before cano got there and the M’s showed that they wanted to win,as a Braves fan i hope they resign Heyward and im sure if upton goes to Seattle that Taijuan Walker may be heading to Atlanta…..

I can’t see the M’s trading Walker for one year of Upton at this point, maybe Elias, but not one of the best pitching prospects in MLB. The M’s would be better served going after Tulo for Walker, Miller or Taylor, and Saunders. He’s at least is locked up for a few years.

No free agent in their right mind would risk coming to Seattle to play. Safeco Field: Where Bats Go to Die.

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