Orioles discussing trades for Jimenez

Ubaldo Jimenez, who made only two starts and three relief appearances in the final 41 games of the regular season and didn’t appear in a postseason game, is being made available by the Baltimore Orioles, according to Major-League sources.

The Orioles have discussed Jimenez with several teams during the winter meetings being held in Phoenix this week.

Jimenez was the Orioles main move in the free agent market a year ago, signing a four-year, $50 million contract. He, however, was unable to revive his career with the AL East champion Orioles, going 6-9 with a 481 ERA in 25 appearances, 22 starts.

It was the third time in four seasons he has had a losing record, and his 122 1/3 innings of work was his lowest total in the last seven seasons.  Jimenez made only two relief appearances between starts on Aug. 16 and Sept. 16. He also started Sept. 23, working five innings in each of the September starts but being credited with victories.

Jimenez had a dominating first half in 2010, going 15-1 with a 2.20 ERA in 18 starts for the Rockies, and throwing the only no-hitter in Rockies history. Since then, however, he is a combined 42-55 with a 4.43 ERA and has spent time with the Rockies, Indians and Orioles.

With three years remaining on his contract, Jimenez would be of interest to teams looking to add controllable pitchers if the organization felt it could help Jimenez regain consistency.

–Tracy Ringolsby


I think this is one of those posts where Tracy Ringolsby covered the Rockies for years, wants to do a report on a former Rockie star Ubaldo, and wants to start the rumor fire mill up to drive clicks to this report.

Of course the O’s are talking to teams about Ubaldo. There is no way a team will take on the next 3 years 38 million remaining on that contract. Sorry, but it was a cute report.

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Given Ubaldo’s numbers this past season there is no team out there (not even the Yankees, LOL) who would pay this guy $12,000,000 next year, and then repeat that trick 2 more times. The Orioles, in a trade, would have to eat a whole lot of his salary over the next 3 years ……and that won’t happen because the owner of the O’s is REALLY CHEAP. The owner doesn’t like to offer players, even really good ones (e.g. Nelson Cruz) long term contracts….”we are in a small market so we HAVE to take things one year at a time”. Here they just offered Nelson Cruz, last seasons HR champ, a one year deal for a little over $15 million Really? All we can do is one year, sorry, that is all that the owner is willing to go for. And WA LA, now Nelson Cruz is a free agent who will undoubtedly be offered some nice coin over multiple years (My guess is that he will go for a 3 – 4 year deal in the $50 million range…….geh, just like Ubaldo’s contract with the O’s. From time to time the O’s sign a player for decent money over several years (Ubaldo)….and then when/if it doesn’t work out the owner is quick to say, “This is exactly why we don’t like to do the longer year contracts.” What a sorry cop out!

Was at an O’s game this past season when Ubaldo was pitching…..he just couldn’t find the strike zone…it was terrible. Our seats where 17 rows up behind home plate. Some guy sitting a couple of seats away from us kept yelling out “Jimenez, Jimenez, GIVE BACK THE MONEY, GIVE BACK THE MONEY !!!!”

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