Marlins, Stanton in talks for record-breaking contract

The Marlins are reportedly considering extending Giancarlo Stanton a record-breaking contract offer that could include 10 or more years and at least $300 million, according to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal.

Marlins general manager Dan Jennings told Rosenthal that the two sides aren’t yet close to reaching a deal, though the continuing talks are an encouraging sign. Stanton’s side has also reportedly inquired about shorter contracts, though it’s unclear which direction the talks will ultimately go.

As of right now, the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera has the richest contract in Major League history — a 10-year, $292 million deal that started last season and goes through 2023.

Just two years ago, such a deal to keep Stanton in Miami would have seemed unrealistic, given the state of the team and Stanton’s apparent displeasure with ownership following the Marlins’ firesale that sent several veteran players to the Blue Jays following the 2012 season.

The relationship has come a long way since then and the Marlins are coming off a 77-win season — even with Stanton missing the final few weeks due to the scary season-ending injury that he suffered on Sept. 11 after being hit in the face by a pitch.

Despite missing the final three weeks of the season, Stanton still hit a National League-best 37 home runs and tied for the NL lead with 69 extra-base hits.

Stanton, still just 25 years old, is currently under Marlins control for two more seasons before he could potentially enter free agency. A potential 10-year deal would cover Stanton’s last two arbitration-elibigle years and eight years of free agency. He wouldn’t be eligible to hit the free agent market until the age of 34.

— Paul Casella


The Marlins have signed players to long term contracts before that weren’t around for the duration.

Yes, per usual with the Fish. Heavy on the back load, and player is traded before the real money is owed

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