Marlins, Stanton set to finalize record-breaking deal

Giancarlo Stanton has reportedly agreed to the record-setting 13-year, $325 million contract extension that had been rumored since late last week.

The official deal was first reported on Monday morning by, and multiple outlets have added that a news conference to announce the deal will be held on Wednesday. The Marlins have not yet confirmed the reports.

The deal reportedly comes with no-trade and opt-out clauses. The opt-out clause takes affect after six years — which would be after the 2020 season — according to the New York Daily News.

This contract would keep the 25-year-old Stanton under team control through his age 37 season and would also be more than triple the $106 million contract that the Marlins extended to shortstop Jose Reyes during the 2011 Winter Meetings. The overall value would also exceed the total value of Miguel Cabrera’s previous record 10-year, $292 million extension with the Tigers.

— Paul Casella


Tony Conigliaro comes to mind.

I wonder what will happen when pitchers start him off with a 90+ fastball up and in…..that type of MF isn’t available during a physical.

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