Porcello trade more likely following three-team swap?

Though there’s been no indication of it just yet, the Tigers’ acquisition of Shane Greene from the Yankees on Friday morning could make the team more willing to trade Rick Porcello for the right price.

Rumors had already been swirling before Friday that teams were contacting the Tigers regarding David Price and Porcello, both of whom are set to become free agents following next season.

Even if the Tigers ultimately lose Max Scherzer in free agency, the club still has a rotation as it stands right now that consists of Price, Justin Verlander, Anibal Sanchez, Porcello and Greene. If indeed the team was already even contemplating potentially trading away Porcello, the acquisition of Greene could provide them the added insurance needed to feel comfortable enough to pull the trigger.

With Porcello likely to garner sizable interest — and a sizable contract — in free agency next offseason, the Tigers could be willing to part ways a year earlier, if it means getting a substantial return.

One rumor that has been floated around in multiple reports is potentially sending Porcello to Boston in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes. The Red Sox certainly seem destined to move at least one of their outfielders, given their signifcant excess at the position. Porcello, meanwhile, is coming off his best season as a pro, going 15-13 with a career-best 3.43 ERA.

Again, it is purely speculation at this point, but Greene’s acquisition will certainly had fuel to the rumors surrounding Porcello heading into next week’s Winter Meetings.

— Paul Casella


If Boston is going to trade Cespedes for a year rental, they should go for Price. There’s no guarantee that they’ll get to keep Porcello, and His production for the one season is unlikely to match Price’s. I’d rather see Cespedes’ thump in the Sox lineup, anyway.

Trading Cespedes is a really bad play for Boston. He is the best thing to compliment Papi’s bat at Fenway since Manny Ramirez and we all remember what a productive tandem they were. I hope they test it out and don’t move him until the trade deadline. Better to move Napoli now and let Hanley play first.

I think all of the teams below .500 should go for Porcello

Sorry Jeff, just found out daughter got us one for Christmas

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Cespedes wouldn’t be enough for Porcello.

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