Astros continuing search for bullpen help

After missing out on their top two reliever targets in Andrew Miller and David Robertson, the Astros are now “casting a wide net” in their search for bullpen help, according to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman.

Heyman lists free agent relievers Sergio Romo, Luke Gregerson, Rafael Soriano, Francisco Rodriguez and Pat Neshek all as possibilities now that Miller and Robertson are off the board. It’s unclear how exactly the Astros rank each of those options, though the Houston Chronicle had previously reported the club had interest in Gregerson, while Heyman listed Romo as a potential contingency plan last week.

— Paul Casella


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Luke Gregerson would be my favorite to have on as our setup guy. The man’s hold ratio is lights out! To compliment him with Romo or Soriano would give the Astros an incredible shot at converting those 7th inning leads in 2015. They may not be “there” yet but they’re right around the corner. Look out for the Astros in the coming years.

Gregerson might be the best fit. Can’t beleive Crane extended Luhnows contract! What has he done? Miss-evaluted JD Martinez, got rid of Lyles, Cosart,Norris, signed Crain, Alberts. Traded top pitching prspect for A 3rd catcher we don’t need, all while the Cubs moved light years ahead of us.
Luhnow HAS to go!

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